The Game Fanatics E3 2012 Hands-on: Crysis 3 is Still The World's Best Looking Shooter

Before getting our hands on time with the game, we were given a closed doors look at just how CryEngine 3 works. Sufficed to say, the engine looks phenomenal.

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Orpheus2385d ago

Just wait nd see Metro Last Light. BOth of them will be released in Q1 2013 :-) along with 780GTX

GamerSciz2385d ago

I say with mods Crysis 1 still is the best looking engine...

Tonester9252385d ago

"Best Looking"

What about the Gameplay? Is it the Best Shooter? That's what matters.

GamingPerson2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

I am more excited for metro & planetside 2!

Crysis 3 you can now cloak and shoot..
ugh imagine multiplayer.

Tonester9252385d ago

I need a High End PC! Don't like missing out on great games like those.

pandehz2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

@ Tonester925You're going off topic

thegamefanatics2383d ago

Do we not have the right to highlight a game based on its Graphics? The article is not about shooting mechanics, it's about graphics.

While we understand that Graphics do not make the Shooter, We do live in a next-gen console cycle, and Graphics make the next-gen.

GammaSix2385d ago

too bad the gameplay wont be as good

SageHonor2385d ago

Dont forget the crappy enemy A.I. and story.

Pandamobile2385d ago

If they make it more like Crysis 1 than Crysis 2 it will.

GammaSix2385d ago

ill give it that, i wasnt the biggest crysis fan but obviously the first one was better

mttrackmaster382385d ago

Not really. They need to innovate more. Bought Crysis a month ago on the ps3 (which is the same as the pc version except for graphics) and it felt like a tech demo. It had no soul at all and the open gameplay still felt underutilized.

Pandamobile2385d ago

The console version of Crysis 1 is more like Crysis 2 in terms of gameplay. They kept simplified Crysis 2 nanosuit control :\

Gran Touring2384d ago

I don't know whats up with the disagrees you're getting. The first game was leagues better than the second.

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Dispy2384d ago

@Mttrackmaster38 exactly, I played Crysis 1 like a month or so before Crysis 2, and the AI in that game was horrible, worse than Crysis 2 IMO. I know I'll get a lot of diagrees but what ever, Crysis one is one of the most beautiful games ever created and it wasn't a typical linear shooter, but the AI and story wasn't. Crysis 2 improved on that side, but was extremly linear.

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