Dust 514: A Recipe for Failure

From the article:

"Unfortunately as Dust 514′s release draws nearer, the problems this game is liable to face become more apparent. The first of which is the games currency. In Dust 514 there are two currencies, one is the standard currency which you seem to earn for just about every action in the world (kills, objective plays, and so forth). The second and the cause of concern is called ‘Aurum’."

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TheGameFoxJTV2300d ago

Good luck getting an article that poses concerns on a PS3 game approved on this site. lol

Blastoise2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

"Will God of War: Ascension Disappoint?" Reached 420 heat and got on top articles...

On topic : The devs said very clearly that it wont be pay to win. Lets just hope they keep their word

Spenok2299d ago

I'm hoping as well. They said that everything will be attainable through hard work and perseverance. So if your like me at all, play the game, enjoy it, and don't spend a penny on it unless you absolutely LOVE the game and think its worth throwing money at.

And personally I have yet to do that with a free to play game lol. Though I have hopes this game will be different. And by its format, and direction alone it just may be. Only time will tell.

Outside_ofthe_Box2299d ago

It got approved.

So who's loling now?

TheGameFoxJTV2299d ago

No one, I just said good luck. I'm one of the ones who approved it.

Outside_ofthe_Box2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

You apparently approved an article that is based off ignorance.

***"I’ve played a fair few F2P games in my time, and I’d thought particularly Western Studios had learnt that ‘pay to win’ wasn’t marketable. It seems it’s something CCP have yet to grasp."***

Apparently the "few" F2P games the author played were not made by CCP otherwise he wouldn't have made that statement.

cpayne932299d ago

Anti ps3 articles get approved on this site all the time. Where have you been?

Persistantthug2299d ago

TheGameFoxJTV said, in one of yesterday's postings:

"F*** this site. I'm done commenting since everyone here is fucking crazy."
_____________________________ ____________

Maybe now you'll see why perhaps it might be a good idea, to go with your first idea.


MysticStrummer2299d ago

You have to be joking. Every anti-Sony article gets approved on N4G.

Silly gameAr2299d ago

You must be new to the site

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smashcrashbash2300d ago

Yeah isn't that how many games work? They give you the basic stuff for free and save the good stuff for the people who want to pay? How else will it make any money? That is how most facebook games work and people play them constantly. When I play Wild ones on facebook with the more powerful weapons I get easily overwhelmed by other players. So how is this any different? Or is this just another 'Call the marines for Sony doing what other people do' article?

Outside_ofthe_Box2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

The author's concern is that all the good equipment is reserved for paying customers only.

Personally I think we should just wait to see when the game actually releases to see if paying players have a huge advantage. The devs said that the game won't be a "play to win" game so we'll see if they are telling the truth when the game comes out.

People need to stop jumping the gun every chance they get.



Oh, I've never played a CCP game before. If they have proven in that past that paying players will not have a clear advantage then they definitely deserve the benefit of the doubt.

The author has obviously either never played Eve or is just looking for any opportunity to bash the game.

morganfell2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

CCP have been very clear about there being nothing you can buy which will make you overwhelming. It has to be earned.

Anyone that has played Eve knows this is the case. This is how we have been doing things there for almost a decade.

Oh wait, the idiots that wrote this article decided to ignore over 9 years of CCP proving constantly how such a methodology functions.

But then again, had the article used facts instead of whim it never could have achieved it's aims, attack Sony while garnering hits from people dumb enough to give them a click.

@ GameFox above. For all your complaining you fail to realize you are creating the very problems about which on which you harp. People slurring the facts and the truth. Well the truth is the article completely ignored the truth and the facts. Yet you approved it. Now who is part of the problem here?

DA_SHREDDER2299d ago

i never have 2 wait to see

smashcrashbash2299d ago

They already said themselves that nothing you can buy will overwhelm anyone else.It would be very stupid to make the game impossible to win if you don't buy anything. You might be able to buy a missile launcher for example but that doesn't make you invulnerable to my bullets. I could still shoot you down.People are acting like they will hand non buyers a knife and give the people paying a tank.That is how free to play usually works. They give you enough to be competent, then offer you other items, levels and weapons for sale. And I don't see any of these things failing, so why should Dust 514 fail?

HammadTheBeast2299d ago

Yeah your theory is flawed CrashBashSmash. Im in the beta, and none of the paid items, which are relatively cheap, are any better than the high level free items. They just have a few different stats such as weight or power usage, and lower prerequisites, but the higest free items are much better than the paid ones, especially if yiu upgrade them. The only thing I would personally buy from the market is double Skill Points for 7 days, which help me to buy better free things. Therefore, thisvgame will not fail. Article should die.

Leucitanious2299d ago

You critique the article without playing the beta. I'd imagine the author wrote this based on what he's seen...

For instance, in the beta, all of the 'prototype' (currently best) weapons are reserved as 'Aurum only' purchases.

What CCP have said 'the game won't be pay to win' remains to be seen, yet you cling on their words blindly.

Knushwood Butt2299d ago

I saw someone on my friend list playing this the other day.

Is there a beta out or is the game itself already out??

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ChronoJoe2300d ago

Facebook shovelware titles are targeted at consumers that don't know the difference between good, and bad game design. Just because others produce their titles badly does not mean you have an excuse to mimic that.

Tribes and Team Fortress 2 are examples of F2P games with microtransaction based models that don't unbalance the game. TF2 offering aesthetic items, and Tribes offering items that could be unlocked in-game otherwise with experience, items that are also balanced with other existing items.

Both tribes and tf2 have different systems that let you buy different things but neither unbalanced the game. I believe Super Monday Night Combat is another example of a game that does this right.

gamer_702299d ago

CCP has stated that Dust will NOT be a "pay to win" game.

Veni Vidi Vici2299d ago

Just because they say it, doesn't mean it'll be true.
We'll just have to wait and see if they know what they're doing with regards to pay-to-win.

Veni Vidi Vici2299d ago

How can you even disagree with my statement? Everything I've said is fact. It's not an opinion.

Companies can say one thing and do another. FACT

We won't know the truth until it happens. FACT

Please explain how what I've said is false?

Topshelfcheese2299d ago

IT has not to do with making false statements. It has to do with opinions. Your opinion is that CCP could be lying about pay-to-win and well 4 people have a different opinion on the matter.

DigitalAnalog2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

What you said is applicable in "closed" conditions. Had this game been an independent IP, then your argument may be correct. However, this game is TIED to the EVE online universe anyone who has ever played EVE online would tell you that the BEST and most ADVANCED ships would NOT GUARANTEE victory. This is why your statement holds no water because the developers already have their history down when it comes to "persistency" in their games. If such a complex game that requires could cause such a scenario, how much more a simple FPS which only purpose is to fulfill the contracts provided by the EVE employers.

And even if you could "pay-do-win"? What exactly does that entail? How are you going to compete with the mega-corps who practically would have the best of the best to deal with you? It's would've been better to stick to "cosmetic" side-grades instead.

Series_IIa2299d ago

They said that with EVE, then PLEX comes along and debunks that, yet CCP still have the tenacity to say EVE isn't pay to win.

Games4M - Rob2299d ago

How is EVE pay to win ? Anything can be bought with currency earned within the game - hell you can even pay your subscription to the game by earning enough in game money and then buying PLEX.

Since you clearly know fuck all about what you are commenting on just take it from me, your wrong.

NastyLeftHook02299d ago

Oh Yes Of Course! We Cant Go Too Long Without That Good Ol Fashioned Sony Hate/s

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