Tomb Raider Reboot Shows Heroine's Painful Origin

gamrReview: "I have to say, this Tomb Raider reboot may very well be the first time I get visibly excited for a Tomb Raider game. While clearly not yet complete and still in need of polish, the gameplay and RPG elements all look solid, and every aspect of the demo was absolutely gorgeous and emotional."

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Spectator12149d ago

Good write up, has me much more interested in this game than I was before E3.

crazytechfanatic2149d ago

Much MUCH interested in this game

jc485732148d ago

pain....if you get shot in the leg, then you're hurt.

CaptCalvin2148d ago

Lara Croft doesn't have a painful origin. Even if it was painful she doesn't show it. Nobody remembered that flashback bit from Legends? She was tough as nails even as a teenager.

rocky0475862145d ago

This is a reboot. She was "tough as nails" back then as a teenager because that follows a totally different origin story than this new one does. This one is showing that she wasn't ALWAYS "tough as nails" and that she had an incredible sense of vulnerability to her as a character. That's essentially what she needed if you ask me, she was becoming a bit too superhero-ish and not coming off as a normal person doing extraordinary things.

This game will prove just that, she IS a normal person that does extraordinary things instead of being some superwoman who does these super miraculous things without even batting an eyelash or showing that she's afraid of anything. That part of her WILL be shown here too, though, you just have to build her up to it and that's something that Uncharted does not have over this reboot.