Splitkick - Max Payne 3 Review

Splitkick: Max Payne has always had a simple feeling to pin down. It’s a rain-slick alley behind a Brooklyn nightclub. It’s a handful of painkillers washed down with a fifth of scotch. It’s leather, gunpowder, and broken glass; and it’s a machine of death wearing the face of a grizzled (ex-)cop. When it was announced that Max Payne 3 would eschew more traditional environments for the slums and high rises of São Paulo, Brazil, series regulars collectively held their breath. Take Max out of New York, and is he still the same guy? The answer, unlike so many other things about Max Payne 3, is surprisingly complex.

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mafiahajeri2234d ago

No way does it deserve a 7.

h311rais3r2234d ago

Atleast a 9. Playing through pc right now and Dayam. Looks amazing plays great and SOUNDS fantastic.

MiamiACR212234d ago

Sound, graphics, and story. Coming from someone who's played the first and second game when they released all those years ago, I was very, very impressed. My personal GOTY.

beerkeg2234d ago

I'm also a long time fan, played them to death when they first came out, and played through them again recently in the run up to this coming out.

Just got the game this morning and I'm very impressed with how it's turned out. The action is incredible and the dialogue is still very much Max Payne.

TLG19912234d ago

"Under any other name, Max Payne 3 would have been significantly more impressive. Given the expectations associated with this series, it’s hard not to be underwhelmed"

are you serious your giving it a worse score because its called max payne. so thats what rockstar are missing, the naming of there games, it should be called billy chuffter, then it would have been scored a 9 or 10

what a joke some people are its like they don't think about how stupid they sound

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