Sony’s E3 conference: the hidden messages and what they mean for the future of PlayStation

There might not have been any PS4 megatons or Metal Gear Solid 5′s at this year’s Sony’s E3 conference but there was a quiet and unstated focus on the future. There was also a lot that Sony didn’t say out loud. Read between the lines, though, and there were plenty of messages that spoke volumes about the future of PlayStation.

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DarkSniper2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

The future of PlayStation is definitely a bright one ahead. However, this has been well planned and was thoroughly discussed at the beginning of the PS3's tenure in the market. What this shows is Sony Computer Entertainment's dedication to quality over quantity and substance over gimmicks. This is why PlayStation has been the leading brand in interactive gaming since 1995.

From the very beginning, Sony has committed themselves to a 10 year product lifecycle which ensures that all PlayStation®3 owners are guaranteed to at least a decade of gaming at the highest level of quality. In 2012 we are finally watching the fruits of Sony's labor as they have once again re-invented the industry by showcasing the seemingly unlimited versatility and potential of the PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal.

Never before have we seen a console that has upgraded itself to a level that convinces consumers to forgo the supposed first effort into the next generation market. Instead consumers are far more intrigued by the combination of PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®3 to bring together an experience that was not even a mere thought to anyone in 2006. For a gaming console to achieve such upgrades at this magnitude spells incredible foresight by Ken Kutaragi.

E3 2012 has proven that PlayStation®3 is more than just a gaming console. It is an organic device that was carefully designed to grow with the consumer as we all mature with age. Watching the PS3 grow into what it has become now is simply remarkable, just like watching your own sibling grow into a responsible adult before your very eyes.

With enhanced third party support, affordable development budgets with the PlayStation®Network ecosystem, and a save-as-you-go feature implemented with cloud gaming, PlayStation®3 is here to stay. As we reach year 6 of the incredible rendezvous with Sony's mammoth machine, you can look forward to four more years of a true next generation experience that cannot be seen on no other platform.

This is a testament to the hard work, dedication and loyalty of the gamers. Thank you for choosing PlayStation as your primary interactive device to enhance your living room experience. From men, women and children of all walks of life, we can all put our differences aside and agree that we share one simple enjoyment that makes our lives a bit easier. PlayStation®3


RedDead2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

What the ****?

I thought I liked sony but...woo

Edit--- And there goes my bubblke, anyhow, i like Sony's approach, while I didn't want to see Multiplats in their conference, especially since Ubi got into ****ing every conference besides EA...I like how they are trying to strengthen their relationship with Ubi./

A-Glorious-Dawn2229d ago

You're posts astound me.
You're affection for this system goes beyond what I would consider simply being a fan.

But hey, you're not trolling. and I find your dedication amusing.

And you kind of make me look at my Ps3 in a different way.. Sony should hire you for advertising... or maybe they already have..


Hicken2229d ago

"Your posts" and "Your affection."

DarkSniper is something of a caricature of the average Sony fan. But not in a bad way. He always has a lot to say, and while much of it is hot air, it's hard to disagree with him... as long as you're not anti-Sony.

... and a lot of people here are anti-Sony.

yabhero2229d ago

He's not trolling now, but he usually does. LX General does the same thing and he gets disagrees.
@ Hicken
What are you talking about? This site is atleast 50-60 percent Sony and atleast 85 percent of those ppl are fanboys.

A-Glorious-Dawn2228d ago


Yeah that's not true at all. There are, without a doubt, a lot of Sony fans on here.

But lot of people I have spoke to are like me. I play my PS3 as much as my PC, I like what the company are doing (mostly) and comment positively on things I like.

I get hyped for Sony games because I enjoy them.

Some look at the comments from people like me and assume we are all fanboys.

I guess the really bad fanboys give off a bad image of the average 'Sony fan'

It's up to the individual to judge...
most of these 'fanboys' are just gamers who enjoy good games. Take the time to get to know some of them and that will become clear to you.

simply categorizing people does nothing for no one.

Thatguy-3102229d ago

gaming is closing up and are able to provide the entertainment that movies make. IMO i can see many actors/actress portray characters just like ellen page is doing.

WeskerChildReborned2229d ago

I'm hoping the new MGS will launch on next gen Playstation.

soljah2229d ago

so where is the game ruin. the big ps3/vita cross play title that sony was hyping last year

SandwichHammock2229d ago

Well, its been renamed Warrior's Lair. But, yes I agree, I was really hoping to see at least a little bit of this game from E3. There is a dev interview, although old, on gametrailers, with gameplay. Hope they keep it as deep as promised.

Summons752229d ago

The only hidden message I received was that they intend to kill me by boring me to death with wonderbook... they would have succeeded if I hadn't gotten a text message during their conference.