Sony 'relaxed and confident' about Vita's prospects | Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan has told CVG the company is "very relaxed and confident about the prospects for Vita this year and beyond".

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THamm2294d ago

Why can I not remote play my PS3 games already?? That's one MAJOR selling point!

ABizzel12294d ago

Things need by next E3

1. Major 1st party franchises
2. Major 3rd party franchises
3. PS3 remote play
4. PS2 game support.
5. PS Mobile
6. Remodel with 4G (on all networks, no special plan, supports online) & 4GC/8GB/16GB built in
7. 8GB - $10, 16GB - $20, 32GB - $40, 64GB - $80 (still overpriced but better)
8. Finite price on games PSV $40, PSP $20, PSN $15, PS2 $10, PS1 $5, PS Mini $1

It seems like a lot, but the games are a must and will be done, Remote play has been done by modders/hackers month 1, PS2 game support = a huge library (aka GTA San Andreas on the go), PS Mobile = free games & apps, Remodel explained above, Expensive memory cards are holding the system back, Set prices makes everyone happy.

Haha1232294d ago

Apparently its the same situation and custom soundtracks on the ps3, the feature will be there but upto developers if they want to patch it to their game.

neutralgamer192294d ago

I agree with you whole heartedly. When i say 90% of the time Sony plzs its consumers that 10% they dont come through has to do with things such as these.

Dont get me wrong i love my wii u for various reason and im spending hours on Resistance burning skies amongst other games but i want remote play!!!!!!

MasterCornholio2294d ago

WHAT!!!!! You got a Wii U early how did you do it? I bet you killed Miyamoto and yanked it from his cold dead hands.

LOL just kidding. I love my Wii U as well.


Tonester9252294d ago

I'm so confused by the last sentence. lol

GuyThatPlaysGames2294d ago

The Vita is a FAIL !! The whole "mobile gaming" idea is never gonna stick. Why would someone want to buy a device like this when for the same price they can have a cellphone that does EVERYTHING in the world? The games aren't all about graphics. Cellular app games are much more fun to play.

Dakidog2294d ago

That's some BS you're spouting! I've never played a cellphone game that I enjoyed more than anything on a handheld...shit even stuff on gameboy color(such as pokemon red and blue) is better than the shit on cellphones!

JadedWriter2294d ago

There's no cellphone game more entertaining than my copy of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. Nor can I play Persona 3 Portable, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max or Gravity Rush on a cellphone. Wish people would stop coming in with that argument. I have an Iphone 4, but no games are on it. I game on my Vita and 3DS.

Hicken2294d ago

Can we please just automatically ban OXOVO_Mike already? 11 days, and at least half of the comments are trolling crap like the comment above.

"The whole "mobile gaming" idea is never gonna stick."

Is that even something that should be questioned? Handhelds have been around for 20+ years. But I guess they need to be around for 50+ before we can say they'll stick, right?

"Cellular app games are much more fun to play."

Tell that to the hundreds of millions of DS and PSP owners, and the hundreds of millions of units of software they sold and continue to sell. Tell that to Mario and Pitt and Kratos and every other game on a handheld that's sold millions.

Why are commenters like that even allowed to remain on the site?

MrMister2294d ago

Maybe your right--perhaps he trolls on other comments (I dont know), But his statement that "The whole "mobile gaming" idea is never gonna stick." Is just an opinion. I don't get the impression that it is ban-worthy or even trolling. Relax.

Hicken2294d ago

All trolls have opinions. But they're not based on fact, or only partial facts, or nothing at all.

His assertion that mobile gaming won't stick is directly disputed by years and years of success, both of handhelds, and the new rise of smartphones and tablets. And while I don't yet put the mobile gaming of smartphones and tablets in the same category as that of handhelds, I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon.

That, to me, is what moves his comment from "opinion" to "trolling." It's blatantly wrong, and anyone at a glance can tell.

GuyThatPlaysGames2293d ago

Where is this "success" about mobile gaming systems at? Psp=Fail PspGo=Fail Vita=Fail. So you all are saying mobile games aren't fun or good at all. Then tell me why Angry Birds has made over $70 million! Not just Angry Birds but also the 'With Friends" games,Bejeweled,Modern War and many other games. People wouldn't buy crappy games if they weren't good. All these promises and hype for stupid handhelds always come up,but less than a year after they are released,they are completely forgotten about.

CommonSenseGamer2294d ago

What else is Sony going to say, that they are disappointed with Vita's sales to date?

Vita is dead in the water unless something changes. When 7 year old tech (PSP) is still outselling it on a weekly basis you know Sony needs to make a change.

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