No Vita Price Cut Coming, What’s Sony Thinking?

Following months of disastrous sales and a virtual no show at their E3 conference, Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer that they have no plans to cut the price of the Playstation Vita. Jordan Lund is confused by Sony's behavior.

Excerpt: "You have 25 Vita games on the show floor, would it have killed you to have told us the names of a few of them before plugging the PS3 games we already know about? It’s almost like Sony intends the Vita to fail in the same way they made the PSP Go! a failure."

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GribbleGrunger2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

they're thinking: 'there's no point. with the PS2/PSP/PS3/PSN/HOME/GAMES making us money, we can wait until the Vita naturally gathers momentum when more games get released'

Abash2147d ago

Sony is thinking "We have Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation as exclusives this holiday so we're good"

WeskerChildReborned2147d ago

Hey COD alone would be interesting that is if it still has that smooth FPS experience on Vita but also AC3: Liberation look's good. Just wish their were more to announce.

MasterCornholio2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Yep thats what Nintendo thought last Christmas with the two Mario games so i really dont see why it wouldnt work with Sony. But the thing is they have even more games than that coming out this holiday season such as Sly Cooper 4, Soul Sacrifice (Japan), Monster Hunter (its coming) and a bunch of indie games.

EDIT: Sony did create a AC3 bundle with a 4GB card for the Vita if they price it at 250€ that could be considered a price drop.

NYC_Gamer2147d ago

Sony can't afford to drop the price right now

Tired2147d ago

Whinge, whinge...dribble, sh!t and moan.

Could somebody wake me when someone has something new or relevant to say please?

It doesn't need a price drop. Er...get a second job hehe.

matgrowcott2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Because it's not doing as badly as people think it is? Because as much as Sony keeps repeating that 2,000,000 sales is by no means a bad start, people keep ignoring that and believe forum dwellers instead?

The well-educated boffins at Sony have every piece of information pertaining to the financial state of the Vita - how much it costs to make, how much each console shipped/sold brings in and every other little piece of statistical information that we couldn't guess if we tried - and they seem content not to give the Vita a price cut.

I'm not saying Sony as a business can't make a mistake and I'm not saying their "the Vita is doing fine" spiel definitely isn't just PR spin, but the proof that the Vita doesn't need a price cut is that it isn't getting one. If Sony felt their price point was off they would adjust it and they're not doing so.

EDIT: And just to continue the rant, comparing the Vita to the PSP Go is ridiculous. The Vita is a brand new handheld, capable of some things home consoles are yet to do. The PSP Go was an experiment, a mutation of a system already available, but more expensive and with less features than its older counterpart.

CommonSenseGamer2147d ago

2 million in sales in 6 months? Sorry but only Sony can spin that as being positive. That would be at the very bottom end of their expectations.

Sony's year 1 target for the Vita I believe was 11 milliin units. Unless something changes this simply is unrealistic.

In comparisson, yes I know its a smart phone but it shows what mainstream sales means, the Galaxy SIII had 9 million preorders.

matgrowcott2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

At the price the Vita is, with a great launch line-up of software but limited view of anything fantastic on the horizon (if you don't count Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed) I think 2 million is a brilliant start to a new console.

Again, it's difficult for us to discuss the specifics because we don't know them. You're guessing that 2 million isn't great, personally I don't see how it isn't.

EDIT: As for the 9 million preorders for the Galaxy, if the Vita was a smart phone it would have sold a lot more but it wouldn't be what's on the market today and it wouldn't have interested the core gamer.

It fascinates me how many people are constantly asking for innovation within this industry but completely ignore it (or actively try to run it down) when it arrives. It needs better software support, yes, but should Sony have pushed the PlayStation brand in a different direction in an attempt to compete with the Galaxy or the iPhone just because it would have netted them more sales?

INehalemEXI2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Vita is hot. PSP go was half stepping.

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