Dark Souls PC - 1080p support, 30fps lock option, major fps issues even with Nvidia GTX 6xx cards

DSOGaming writes: "According to its Facebook page, Namco is featuring its new EON11-S and its High-Performance Desktops will be running NAMCOBANDAI Games' highly anticipated games, Star Trek and Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for PC. These PC configurations are equipped with a GTX 6xx series card, so get ready everyone for really awful performance when this game comes out"

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NYC_Gamer2178d ago

There's no reason why DS should still have framerate problems on a powerful kepler based gpu...

pr0digyZA2178d ago

1080p glad they changed their minds, now we just need the modders to crack the 30fps in a day like they did for LA Noire on PC.

john22178d ago

Read carefully. FPS lock option, not a locked framerate. This means that the framerate can be adjusted and go higher than 30s ;)

MiamiACR212178d ago

Go higher than 30fps? Apparently not very often.

PiccoloGR2178d ago

Man... and I was really looking forward to it :(

Timactionfigures2178d ago

Am I the only one who is PO'd about FromSoftware wasting their time on this PC port for a bunch of ungrateful "elitists" when they could have been working on their next masterpiece of a game?!?!

Seriously, everywhere I read..."Not gonna buy this", "Ugh...GFWL?!?!", "Blighttown frame rate still choppy?! Ugh no sale!"......

Jeez!!! The game is fantastic on consoles, will be slightly better performing on PC, with additional content nonetheless. Yet it ain't good enough!

I'd like to see From say eff it and cancel the PC port and focus their attention on the next 'Souls' game for the console crowd of dedicated fans to this series. I look forward to the DLC on my PS3. Porting the game to PC seems to be a waste of their time!