New AC-130 Gunship Details emerge for Battlefield 3

Brand new details are coming out regarding the AC130 Gunship in Battlefield 3 Armored Kill DLC. LIVE Chat event happening TODAY

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Vladplaya2230d ago

Sooo.... we won't be able to pilot it? Okay then, not a single fuck given.

OneAboveAll2230d ago

That's a good thing. Don't want dicks taking a great team asset and just crash it leaving us with no air support.

Reverent2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

I Kind* of agree. It would be insane to be able to actually pilot it, but I agree, players lacking piloting skills could easily ruin the experience.

As far as the AC-130's appear in game, they're pretty damn scary. Can't wait to be assaulted by a giant flying ship.

Vladplaya2229d ago

Right, BF should also ditch jeeps, tanks, helicopters and jets, because I see dicks crashing them in every game I play...

Fail logic is failed, also I guess you never played Desert Combat either.

MrIreland2230d ago

Oh why did I bother....