The Last of Us E3 Gameplay Analysis

At this year’s E3 Sony ended their press conference by showing off their big guns. That is, “The Last of Us”. We know a bit about the story and have seen a few in-engine trailers but this was the first time we saw actual fluid gameplay and it was about 7 1/2 minutes long. After seeing the gameplay and reading up on all the latest news about this game we here at Gamersciz decided to do an in-depth analysis of the footage. Keep in mind that a lot of what is said is simply speculation and assumptions but there is also a lot of truth based on earlier trailers and later aspects of the gameplay footage.

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GamerSciz2115d ago

Sorry if I am a little quiet. I will make sure for my next one to increase the volume of the commentary. Also if you guys have any suggestions for improvement please let me know.

HarryPS32115d ago

Awesome game, it looks very much like Uncharted and that's absolutely not a negative.

GamerSciz2115d ago

Yes but the gameplay is not going to be Uncharted like. Naughty Dog has said first and foremost it's not a zombie shooter. It looks more like an RPG style action-adventure which I honestly don't mind a change of pace. This demo alone proved to me it's a day 1 buy.

HarryPS32115d ago

"'s a day 1 buy."
Same here. :D

Bleucrunch2115d ago

Yes definitely a day one buy...I just hope their is no multi-player so they can focus on a good...lengthy and ENRICHED storyline with continued awesome game play.

GamerSciz2115d ago

There is multiplayer but again I don't think it will be focused as a 3rd person shooter MP game.

Bleucrunch2115d ago

dam that kinda stinks....But I guess I will keep an open mind on it...If this is true then I expect an 4-6 hour campaign with emphasis on hours and hours of multi-player...I pray that this is not the case.

LiViNgLeGaCY2115d ago

This game looks incredible. I can't wait for a release date!

telekineticmantis2115d ago

of this game should be open world, but the game looks great.