Nintendo: Why the Naysayers are Wrong About Wii U

Default Prime writer Chris Stewart looks at some reasons why all of the negativity surrounding the Wii U is unfounded, especially the accusation that the Wii U isn't innovative or special in any way.

"There seem to be a lot of disgruntled people talking about a lacklustre performance from the big three conferences at E3 this year, with Microsoft focusing mainly on entertainment and interconnectivity, Sony spending too much time on Wonderbook and nowhere near enough on the Vita, and Nintendo generally being seen as disappointing all round. While I am inclined to agree that many of the things Microsoft and Sony talked about weren’t really pitched at the majority of people actually sat in front of them (although the games showcased all looked great and got a fantastic reaction), I fail to understand many of the accusations being thrown at Nintendo."

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erasure2422236d ago

Excellent article. Most gamers these days are spoiled brats.

NukaCola2236d ago

I'm still going excited on the possibilities, but this is E3 and Nintendo flat out had a mediocre showing which caused the masses to question the system. It can do HD so show us HD Nintendo stuff. The NintendoLand video was unbelievably disappointing. But I won't rule out the system. We have 5-7 or so more conventions this year so we can keep up the faith. If this thing comes out and sucks, then it 100% acceptable to say something. Until then, lets hope for the best.

sphinct2236d ago

Good points. We can't fully judge a system until we have tried it and experienced it with our own hands. I look forward to trying out Nintendo's new console.

buckley2236d ago

Agree with the article. Really, no one else is excited about using the tablet as a scanner in a game, or finally playing an HD mario game?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2236d ago

Good read. Chris Stewart is right. Thanks for posting it.

You just fail to understand that the Hate is illogical.

Complaining about ports on the WiiU is dumb esp. when it's Darksiders and AC3 (BM:AC and ME3 maybe). If you complain about multi-ports on WiiU then do the same with Sony and Microsoft.

WiiU is heavy... Herp, Derp.
WiiU is Gimmick- Derp-Herp.
WiiU, Why no blood? Why colors?

Most of the WiiU games got stellar Hands-On Reviews. Please, Haters convert to ST. FUism.

AWBrawler2236d ago

Let the haters hate. Nintendo gave them what they said they would and they still not happy.

I'm looking forward to the Wii U so I can play Zombiu, scribblenauts, Mario, Rayman, and Nintendo Land.

Might get Darksiders 2, P100, and Pikmin3 if they re launch titles too

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

NO. He allows me to Laugh at Disaster and Death and the Saddness that the Haters proclaim for WiiU.

I SMH and Laugh.
Not all the time but most.

He = Chris St.

TopDudeMan2236d ago

I think it's a very innovative system. I just don't think it really offers me what I want from a games console.

2236d ago
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