Activision Blizzard May Be Sold Off By Vivendi

GameBlurb writes, "The gaming giant publisher behind Call of Duty and Diablo III may just be sent off to have a new home."

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NYC_Gamer2234d ago

I wonder what investment group will buy the publisher

Bay2234d ago

I hope they go off to a better place, anything would be better than having ol' Bobby as your boss.

MicrocutsX22234d ago

I don't think the bosses change unless the new investor (that is if they do get sold) decides that he isn't fit for the job.

Bay2234d ago

Well majority investors/shareholders have quite a lot of say in what goes down, so if someone does decided to buy them out like this, I hope it's someone who knows what they're doing.

jaidek2234d ago

Hmm, interesting that they are selling off one of the biggest franchises. Unless they are being smart and getting it sold before an inevitable collapse. Someday CoD will go the way of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Its the yearly rehashes that make the money but also make it a tired product in the eyes of many consumers.

DJ2234d ago

So even Activision has a company it answers to?? Dang, rough life.

Loki862234d ago

Whoever buys them out, please fire Bobby Kotick! Thanks.

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