New leaked information about PlayStation 4 including precise specifications

PSX-Sense writes: "For a long while we have been doing research on what to expect of the PS4. We had a lot of contact with anonymous sources which have told us very interesting specifications of the upcoming PS4. You can check everything out on our website."

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IRetrouk2260d ago

Hard to tell, won't really know untill Sony's ready to talk

WeskerChildReborned2260d ago

Interesting rumor, let's just wait till this get's some heat and people start discussing about it.

Chaostar2260d ago

"In the beginning of the PS3 complained about the fact that many developers create a game for the PS3 is no cat pee."

Gotta love Google translate :P

neogeo2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

If true this is nice. He said the wiiu has 1.5 gigs of RAM. Let's say the remote pad uses around 512 or less that still gives wiiu a gig to pump out some 1080p now bring the games!

On topic. I own a amd laptop with lower specs its got the apu on chip gpu. It is a 2010 laptop and runs just cause 2 and crisis 2 on medium/high settings that's more powerful then 360/ps3. Knowing that I'm excited for ps4.

GlobalSoldier2260d ago

Pretty interesting... I hope the PS4 won't be that overpriced when it's launched.

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