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gamrReview: "This dog needs more time to sleep-in."

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Hurricane432014d ago

The dummy playing didn't hit the X button at the right time, so therefore you dont vault over objects. OMG, people even believe these in whatever they say. Plus the guy stating be will buy it at 15 bucks you are just a nut hugger of R* i assume. GTAIV was a joke and this game puts that to shame. Have fun waiting for long time for sleeping dogs i have two months till the best open world game is alive.

TheGameFoxJTV2014d ago

You really just write paragraph just because the game sounds disappointing to him?

Kantor2014d ago

So this won't even be the best game at E3 with the word "dogs" in its title.

INehalemEXI2014d ago

I'm getting it when it's 15-20 bucks.

Hurricane432014d ago

Ok R* fanboy, this game destroys you're lousy slow walking none combat GTAIV, which was the worst game ever. Two months to go and you will be sitting in you're basement, playing COD.

INehalemEXI2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

I play Don't get it twisted the game looks great. I'm on a budget to many games not enough time...

jbiz3202014d ago

thats about the only negative preview ive read about this game.. everyone else is enjoying it.