Not all Wii U games support GamePad-only play

GameZone writes, "Contrary to what Nintendo has been presenting, not all Wii U games will be able to be played television-free using the GamePad’s screen. Based on the E3 press briefings and tech demos, Nintendo has made it seem like all Wii U games will allow you to play without a TV, streaming the image to the tablet’s screen while another can enjoy watching television. That’s not the case, however."

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LOL_WUT2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Oh wow they need to get their **** together pronto.

PopRocks3592109d ago

Wait a minute, you really expected EVERY Wii U game to use that feature? Including the ones where the TV and the controller screen do entirely different things?

Man, you have strange expectations...

ronin4life2109d ago

I did....o.o;
I knew there were questions about this sort of thing that were unanswered, but I was thinking/hoping that this wouldn't be the solution.
Hopefully, devs will find workarounds so more games can utilize this feature in the future.

shackdaddy2109d ago

What? This is a good thing. Not having it a requirement means it's more open to 3rd party.

Plus, devs could probably get a tad bit more power by turning off the extra screen if they wanted to.

GameOn2109d ago

I think the idea is that screen is needed for other things.

Instigator2109d ago

Was kind of expecting this. Two screens seem mandatory for a lot of games, but I don't see why a game like AC can't assign the inventory and map to a pop-up menu via a good ol' button press when playing on the Pad.

ronin4life2109d ago

Maybe the devs are lazy? Or perhaps the realtime screen inventory management is too deeply rooted into the WiiU versions design.
Because it is a multiplatform game and the other platforms have this feature, it does seem kind of weird that it is totally absent.

2109d ago
ronin4life2109d ago supports 2 gamepads, right?
I think that's the solution in waiting for this issue...

miyamoto2109d ago


I can understand Gamecube, Wii or virtual console games but for Wii U games....

ronin4life2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Well actually, I expect all GC and wii games to use this feature(well, GC games at least) as they need only one screen.
VC CG games will be made with the wiiu in mind, so I'm sure it will be implemented in a way that allows the gamepad to be used in this manner.

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