Plans for ZombiU Xbox 360 and PS3 port

Inentertainment: Signs that Wii U exclusive ZombiU could end up as an Xbox 360 and PS3 port seem to be an eventual outcome. Plenty of work will need to go into this so plans for this game to go on multi-platforms are not expected any time soon, although Ubisoft are looking into evolving towards this multiple screen mentality.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2264d ago

6 months and he said in order to port it he would have to strip the game of most of the stuff that makes it so cool.

See this preview to understand:

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

"Just the facts, sir." (Dragnet)

If I am butt hurt, it has more to do with the many trolls that surround Nintendo and keep misleading people with headlines.
Because from what I have read, the "Core" (I am a "Gamer") ZombiU is the Best thing about WiiU, so far.

I'm just trying to drop some knowledge on the masses to show you how (some in) the media are manipulated your ..... butts.

If you want them messing with your butt, then never MIND.

(a serious answer for a joke is always Troll bait or another joke) ;-)

PS I am the one who pushed "Agree"

Loki862264d ago

No thanks, we have plenty of first rate titles, we don't need a cross over from a completely different console from the norm.

corrus2264d ago

And i am with that guy no thanks don't like the game

creamydingle2264d ago

Do we really need another Zombie game on the Ps3 or the 360 isn't there enough and we don't even know if its any good yet.

Tdmd2264d ago

There will never be enough zombie games! :p

one2thr2264d ago

Why would they port a Wii U game over to another console, when the title of the game clearly suggest that its a Wii U only game?

Dlacy13g2264d ago

ZombieU could be ported and made into ZombieX or Zombi3... a title of the game wont stop it from being ported if there is money to be made.

Tdmd2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Yeah, it does not makes much sense...

Army_of_Darkness2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Zombi360...zombips3?? LOL!
They can easily make it playable without that tablet controller, making it play like a standard FPS zombie game.

....Dlacy13g has the better name titles lol!

one2thr2264d ago

Everyone above
Lol oh I see, but what if the games is ported horribly? Like at some point, you see and in game advertisment that relates to the Wii u, or a Wii QTE icon pops up lol

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Dlacy13g2264d ago

One thing Ubisoft does like to do...spread the wealth of their successful franchises to other devices. Just Dance is a perfect example...highly successful on Wii...ported to the rest of the world once it proved it was selling well. Red Steel never made it past the Wii... why? Didn't sell enough to warrant the port. "IF" this zombie game sells well can expect it to go multiplat down the road.

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