Need For Speed: Most Wanted on Vita - First details

Vita version contains events and challenges specific to the handheld, makes use of the camera and microphone.

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blackbirdi2235d ago

i want see the gfx first then i will decide to buy it or not

ddurand12234d ago

If you bought a hand held for graphics then thats unintelligent

one2thr2234d ago

Not necessarily, specially when it comes to the vita good sir...

mcstorm2235d ago

Come on developers stop giving is console ports and start giving us so vita only games.

CaptCalvin2235d ago

What's wrong with a couple of console ports here and there? Most of the time when a big name franchise is to get a "handheld exclusive" it's outsourced to lesser studios who only try to imitate the style of the main games. They're only there to "compliment" the console releases. They always give me a cheap knockoff feel.

At least we know that we're getting the same quality and depth when a game is a console port.

one2thr2234d ago

Its not a port, its a multiplat sir

mcstorm2234d ago

I agree with what you are saying but I want to see some games that are not on a console for the Vita.

mcstorm2233d ago

Wow looks like people on here dont want exclusives on the psv they want ports.

CaptCalvin2234d ago

That's why we have games like Gravity Rush. We need more exclusive IP's and main franchise titles and less "compliments" these "compliments" aren't going to sell systems either way. These are basically just cash-ins.

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mistajeff2235d ago

head-tracking for the interior view would be cool

Knushwood Butt2234d ago

The Vita...


NO games

CaptCalvin2234d ago

Keep telling yourself that.

Knushwood Butt2233d ago

It's a joke. Geez...

I have a Vita and love it...