New Flying Pink Pikmin Spotted in ‘Pikmin 3′

Game Rant's Riley Little writes, "While on the showfloor at E3 2012, we spotted a previously unconfirmed flying pink Pikmin on the main menu of ‘Pikmin 3′."

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iTZKooPA1989d ago

It was also in the trailer during the conference.

ChronoJoe1989d ago

Can't believe this is an article.

MrMister1989d ago

Yep there's so little news worth telling about Nintendo, that fans are hallucinating into thinking they see more than there actually is....My favorite game of all time were Zelda Ocarina of Time, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, and StarFox 64. But now, I'm done with Nintendo. If that system is coming out this year, and all they had to show were glorified tech demo's, then i'm done. They are a far cry from their N64, SNES, NES days.

ChronoJoe1989d ago

I don't have a problem with Nintendo, just identification of a 'new type of pikmin' seems dumb.

It's enough when we have articles about singular new pokemon, but a new pikmin? why would anyone be surprised that pikmin 3 would have new pikmin?

Without any details of how this pikmin effects or changes the game this article is completely useless, even to those interested in the game.

Knushwood Butt1989d ago

Flying Pikmin can only be achieved with the power of the Wii U.