Miiverse messages will be subject to moderation before posting

You’ll be able to communicate with friends using simple text and drawings through Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U (and later 3DS/smartphone) Miiverse service – but Nintendo, famously concerned with keeping profane or otherwise improper communication away from younger users, has some safeguards in place for this seemingly more open system.

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mike1up2144d ago

I am ok with this, however, 30 minutes does sound kinda long. As long as moderation/delay disappears when I talk to people on my friend's list, not a big deal.

shackdaddy2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

It's only in public chat. Honestly, it's better than seeing penis sketches every second.

Friends don't get moderated...

ChronoJoe2144d ago

This news was already posted. It was a kotaku article.