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gamrReview: "PlayStation 3 owners are excited and conflicted for the return of Kratos in God of War: Ascension on March 12, 2013. While they are excited for another chance to wield the Blades of Chaos, they are also conflicted over the announced multiplayer mode. The series has always been single player and shoehorning in multiplayer doesn’t always go well."

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Spectator12233d ago

Getting very mixed previews so far.

SuperLupe2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

If ever it does dissapoint it will simple be because (from what I saw from the E3 trailer) it doesnt look like its evolved an inch since GOW3.

Even the graphics dont seem to impress like they did for GOW3.

sikbeta2233d ago

It's God of War! what are people expecting? suddenly RPG? FPV? Shooter? God damn, gameplay didn't change much in the 3 main games, they can spicy it up and make it more fast-paced, but you can't expect anymore than that...

fiercescuba2233d ago Show
shoddy2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

What you all expect? All fps or action adventure all look similar.
Same genre will play very similar to each games.

All halo, KZ, mario sequel play very similar to the past games.

My opinion I love every GOW games. Happy with all.
Awesome story.

Ascensien look AWSOME!!!!!
Cant wait to open elephant brain.

In the end there will only be chaos.

cee7732233d ago

gow3 was already a graphical masterpiece and to improve on that is fine by me it looks to run smoother lighting looked to improved which in itself will make it look better than gow3

this will be take the crown for best graphics on a console just like gow3 before it

and not to mention the damn game is still under development for atleast another 8 months for more improvements

MariaHelFutura2233d ago

I think it looks better than GOW3, even during MP. Its not leaps and bounds ahead, but it is better.

DasBunker2233d ago

I tought it looked better and possible the most brutal yet... the elephants/other enemies looked awesome.. some recycled animations like with the hammer enemy.. but awesome still.

Sad the main story is over tough.

RememberThe3572233d ago

I don't think anyone was expecting it to be anything other than GoW. The issue is that they chose to demo a boring ass part of a level. They would have done better to show off some more scale and diversity. The second half of the demo was cool but he first part was so boring it was hard to really care at that point. I think the problem here is that the only thing that was new was that time rewinding and that wasn't that cool. There was noting there that we hadn't seen before.

SilentNegotiator2233d ago

"Even the graphics dont seem to impress like they did for GOW3"

That a joke? GOW3's graphics were impressive and ARE impressive. If anything, Ascension impressed with an even more stable framerate while still having the same amazing graphics.

Muerte24942232d ago

God of war for the story. The gameplay and graphics are just icing on the cake.

ShinMaster2232d ago

The gameplay mechanics are changed and improved.
The graphics are also improved over GOWIII's, which were already amazing.

There are subtleties during the E3 demo that that aren't that easy to catch to the untrained eye.
Only a real GOW player will notice these changes.

Simon_Brezhnev2232d ago

People love to complain about GOW not evolving then answer this. WTF has FPS evolved from you do the same exact thing in all of them aim and shoot. I bet your one of them FPS loving guys.

ShinMaster2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

New gameplay mechanics:

Single-player info revealed so far:

"Kratos can pick up or steal weapons from enemies and use them as sub-weapons/secondary attacks"

"You can now switch back and forth between the blades and sub-weapons mid combo"

"Colored halos over enemy heads indicate a certain “stunned state”. If you attack them you will initiate the new prompt-less mini-game to finish them off. Instead of using prompts you will have to watch the enemy and dodge incoming attacks in this state"

"Life Cycle can be combined with a sub-weapon and tethering. For instance you can float an enemy with Life Cycle and then pierce him with a spear"

"The default sub-weapon is Kratos’ bare hands. For the first time you will be able to throw punches and kicks"

"By parrying, evading and building combos you will build up the “Rage” attack meter which can be unleashed more often than before"

"Climbing is free-form and you will not be constrained to a single path"

Watch E3 interviews and demos on Ascension and you'll hear Todd Papy talk about how their engine was still in development during GOWIII, so the graphical difference between III and Ascension will be like GOWI and II.

morganfell2232d ago

Will gamrreview disappoint?

Ooops, too late.

Writing that MP is basically score attack is inaccurate as hell. I can call it fibbing to the public if it makes the writer feel better.

But it is poor reporting, this much is certain. It is over simplifying ONE TYPE of multiplayer. The article very directly infers the game listed is the multiplayer when Sony previously stated the demo is ONE TYPE of MP.

gamrreview downplaying the title was either intentional or due to incompetence in proper research. Neither possibility says anything good about the site.

Gaming1012232d ago

This is pre-alpha, it isn't going to look as good as it will on release obviously, use your brain.

We also haven't seen anything from the rest of the game and how it will evolve the series. Quite frankly when you find a formula that works so brilliantly the way GOW does, changing the formula will only screw things up in the game design. I don't need huge RPG skill trees, a massive amount of collectibles, aimless wandering through a boring baren empty open world, when you mess with the perfection that is GOW you're asking for trouble, so stop being whiny bitches, bitches.

aceitman2232d ago

its because its a sony only game , it will be nicked picked and torn apart for every little thing to bring down the review score. cod has not change much either but it will get good scores because they like it so much. just because they like a certain game so much it shouldnt get better scores it should be judged fairly.

Diver2232d ago

where's this cheap sites article asking will halo/fable/forza/gears disappoint? oh wait i forgot why they wrote this in the first place.

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LOGICWINS2233d ago

Well GOW3 dissapointed a lot of people. Plenty of reviews hailed the combat, but bashed the story. Coming from a person whose played every God of War game to date, even Ghost of Sparta had a better story/pacing than GOW3. I personally would have preferred a longer campaign than what seems to be a tacked on multiplayer.

MariaHelFutura2233d ago

To each his own. I thought GOW3 had some of the best pacing of any videogame. It never really got boring at any point.

A-Glorious-Dawn2233d ago

Yeah GOW3 for me was the best yet.
Some aspects were worse. I didn't like all the weapons for instance, but the pacing was brilliant.

and the titan level at the beginning was a technical feat

dantesparda2232d ago

Fuck that, GOW3 was incredible

BlaqMagiq242232d ago

GOW3 was and STILL is the best in gameplay, graphics, and story.

MaxXAttaxX2232d ago

A lot of people? You mean some.

And how does the multiplayer seem "tacked on"?
You haven't even tried it out.

It wasn't a last minute addition. It was planned from the beginning. And it's a very interesting take on multiplayer.

Hicken2232d ago

Sometimes, you make sense. Other times, you're just ridiculous.

I can't even explain how it happens or where it comes from... you just... I don't know...

kikizoo2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Logicfails smarttroll, but it don't works every time :)

how many real (because most of the time, the "disapointed" by a sony exclusive are frustrated xfanboys who can't play it) players were disapointed by gow3, 0,01% ? like every other

by the way, for others trolls talking about "evolution" (graphics or else), don't forget that you don't have a single game like gow, close to that quality (graphics, etc) on your console of choice, or even pc....remember the ridiculous hype around "dante inferno" gow killer, befor launch ? months after, it was just a poor clone adapted for inferior hardware.

dredgewalker2232d ago

Yes a lot of people where disappointed that they are still unable to play GOW3.

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NBT912233d ago

How can the game be disappointing already? No one has it yet.

You need to look at the multiplayer for what it is - its an additional extra game mode thrown in to what is going to be another solid entry in the series. The only thing that may disappoint is that its not as "epic" as GOW3, which was the final entry in the cannon story and was like, Kratos finally getting his revenge on the gods. This time its a prequel...

LOGICWINS2233d ago

But if resources weren't wasted on this additional extra mode...maybe GOW fans would have experienced an even better, longer epic campaign. Its about the time and resources that went into multiplayer thats dissapointing people, not the multiplayer itself.

telekineticmantis2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

From a fun stand point, God of war Ascension was the most impressive game at E3, followed by Star Wars 1313. They added new things such as Stun state QTEless Finishers, New combat moves, time control, a MP that looks very fun, but the only thing It really needs are some different environments. GOW Ascension, is looking like a beast of a game. So it's an evolution, but not a revolution, Ok I get that, would I miss out on it after what I just saw? Are you mad?

I mean look at this:

And this sstars at 2:35:

A-Glorious-Dawn2233d ago

I agree.
I missed the QTE thing, well spotted


LiViNgLeGaCY2232d ago

Yeah, I also didn't catch the QTEless finisher the first time around. I really like the idea of the attack and defend mechanic instead.

Ascension is looking just amazing!! It definitely is not going to disappoint me!

Thatguy-3102233d ago

You know I actually wouldn't mind seeing a GOW game go FP. I mean brutal attacks on killzone 3 looked amazing imagine how GOW would look like. Plus it will be something new.

C_Menz2233d ago

I agree somewhat. It would be awesome to be playing and then at times you go into first person view at certain stages to finish off bosses, etc. But the game should still remain largely third person.

Jaces2233d ago

Everything looks pretty good so far but it's going to be hard to top GOWIII, hoping for the best! :D

ATi_Elite2233d ago


Best demo at E3.

Just so friggin Violent and graphical that it got me AMPED up and i don't even own a PS3.

andibandit2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Best demo at E3.????????

It was good, but best?!?!?!?! did you even watch all of E3?.

next you'll be saying you're getting "Wonderbook - Book of Spells"
day 1

JANF2232d ago

Disappointment... same gameplay, same graphics... this should be a DLC not a new game

showtimefolks2232d ago

look the demo at E3 went a little longer than expected and it was not as fantastic as GOW3 was. Still buying the game limited edition day one no doubt about it

by now you are either a GOW fan and know what a gow game will look like and how it will play

or you are not and you just not gonna get into it

its a love/hate thing i love GOW and can't wait to play this next year along with last of us and beyond. What i really can't wait for is after this game will we see another GOW game few years after launch of ps4? and i know the answer is yes since kratos is PS brand in any ways so just imagine how great next gen GOW game will look like

really excited also online co-op if done right could be a gem for long time fans

DigitalAnalog2232d ago

GOW3 didn't exactly elicit extreme response from the conference back in 2009. It was until GT showcased the titan gameplay did their perception changes.

I have no doubt in my mind SSM will do the same for GOW:A, because there is NO way they would show something we don't expect on E3. Maybe to build up hype for TLOU, I mean, can you imagine having the Titan gameplay side by side with Uncharted 2 on E3 09, man I doubt the reactions would be the same until now.


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2233d ago
bmw692233d ago

Seems like a blatant cash-in to me

modesign2233d ago

this isnt a halo4 posts. your in the wrong area.

Devinchi332232d ago

How are Halo 4 and God of War any different in that respect? Both are yet another title to a well established franchise. Of course the core idea to the game will keep to its own formula, but they both are mixing things up a little. You can't bash Halo for being a so-called "cash in" while God of War is doing the same. For the record, I'm excited for both of these games, but the double standards some people have on this site are ridiculous.

Knushwood Butt2232d ago

I think you need to hire some more rabid fanboys for your crappy site to try and stir up some more hits.

Blastoise2233d ago

This game will be epic. God of war games are always top quality so I expect no different from this one

Cajun Chicken2233d ago

I wasn't wow'd by the E3 SP footage. Personally it didn't look much better than the prequels that Ready At Dawn made. I'm mixed about this, because I'm more excited of the prospect of the multiplayer than the single player.

I have my worries that this is an unneeded prequel. Because face it; do we need a prequel of a prequel?