CD Projekt RED: DRM excuses are “pretty much bullshit”

Marcin Iwiński, CEO of CD Projekt RED, explained that the excuse for copy protection is “pretty much bullshit, because the games are cracked the moment they’re released.”

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Snookies122115d ago

Haha *applauds* Love CD Projekt... I'll continue to support them wherever I can. While companies like Capcom will never get a penny from me. It's a shame some of the bigger companies don't understand the real value of making your customers happy.

Hicken2115d ago

What's an even bigger shame is how there are gamers who vehemently support the companies that don't care about their customers the way someone like CD Projekt does. I can at least understand a gaming company being blinded by money. But for the customers to blindly support that...

ThichQuangDuck2115d ago

Have to love CD Projekt they learned a lot from Wichter 2's original DRM problems. I am always happy to support a developer that cares about gamers.

Loki862115d ago

If only every developer had the same approach, way too many money hungry companies or monopolies in the gaming industry now a days.

StayStatic2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Excellent Dev :)

Not sure why but when I see DRM I instantly think Ubisoft everytime ...

dktxx22115d ago

They pioneered the always-online thing. Pretty much the worst kind there is.

SnakeCQC2115d ago

cd projekt are awesome devs giving their customers soooo much and their stance on drm is awesome too

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