Edge - E3 2012: Have we just glimpsed the next generation?

Edge: Between Watch Dogs, Star Wars 1313, and Agni’s Philosophy, did third-parties jump the gun?

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Sino2179d ago

dat moustache...Moustachio would be proud

jalen2472179d ago

Clearly next gen launch games in disguise

h311rais3r2179d ago

Well I u look at most pc games maxed that's pretty much how the next gen will look. Bf3, ma Payne 3, crysis series, farcry 3, watchdogs etc. those graphics and gameplay additions will be standard next gen.

Tyre2179d ago

@h311rais3r...Why state that maxed PC games have this quality, ur either a liar/delusional or game exists that has this qualities in real-time. This was only shown in CGI prerendered or in simulations.This a step beyond maxed PC games, look at the particle physics and facial animation, cloth simulations etc. This is almost Hollywood CGI Quality, finally the quality of rendered cutscenes like Blizzard's cutscenes running in real-time...imagine the possibilities! Incredible....