E3 2012: The Wii U Hasn't Forgotten Core Gamers

The Controller Online writes: "If you’re like me, the reason you didn’t spend a whole lot of time with your Wii was that in between all the Mario, Wii Sports and dancing games there wasn’t a whole lot of substance. Games like Twilight Princess and Xenoblade Chronicles aside, there were a whole lot of Dead Space’s that weren’t really Dead Space, and Call of Duty’s that weren’t really Call of Duty. For some people, the Wii had a great lineup but others simply had needs that only an Xbox 360, PS3 or PC could satisfy."

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2259d ago
CouldHaveYelledUiiW2259d ago

I count 6 "Core" (non-Casual) games that I want.

I did not play BM:AC or ME3.

There is also a rumor that Watch Dog may be coming to WiiU.

I also like the Casual/ less Core games too Pikmin & Project P-100.

No Link and No Samus but we all know they will arrive when they are ready.

shackdaddy2259d ago

Pikmin is not casual. The second Pikmin was actually pretty hard. For P-100, I don't know but it does look really cool...

I'm also looking forward to Zombi and Aliens. And Rayman, Mario, and Game & Wario. And maybe some others that I haven't seen that I could maybe download when the console comes out...

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Sorry about the Pikmin, different definitions- from gamer to gamer.
I haven't played (1 &2 )yet. Working my way to it.

Thanks for reminding me of Aliens.

There are a couple of great previews of Project P-100 out there.

stuntman_mike2259d ago

I really hope games like Tomb Raider, Hitman absolution, GTA5, Far Cry 3, Resi 6 get announced for WiiU. Those along with thier First party Games is quiet an unbeatable offer (and what i was hopinng for from the start).