Dragon's Dogma enjoys excellent week 1 sales

For Capcom, the sales figures must be good as its new IP has produced some excellent sales numbers in its first week.

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alessandro102234d ago

excelent... one of the best game of the year and the best RPG i have played in a long time

keep it up

Xandet2234d ago

Despite the BS Capcom has pulled lately, I cannot deny that I'm happy to see DD succeed sales-wise. It truly is a brilliant, underrated gem of a game.

PS3Freak2234d ago

Love this game. I'm on my second play-through now.

BattleTorn2234d ago

To the contrary, I haven't been enjoying the game.

How a game can ship as "letterbox" (unremovable black borders) blows my mind!!

shammgod2234d ago

Get over it. Can't believe you are complaining about that when there is a 50+ hour adventure within those borders

BattleTorn2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Well, they ruined the game *for me*.

I can't NOT notice them, and every time I do it reminds me of how unfinished the game is, and of all the other unpolished things I've noticed.

Like when you talking to a NPC, and you notice grass in the background going in/out of a stone wall. (Did no one while testing the game not notice that that kind of thing looks BAD?!?!)

I notice things like that, and then the crazed-eye twitch starts.GGgrrr!

alessandro102234d ago

what i find more amusing is a game like Skyrim that ships unplayable in one of hes version and gets all of that praise by the press

the letterbox yes you are right but until some people mentioned i dint even notice it to be honest.

I rather have that than an unplayable slideshow.

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