If You Don't Think DmC Looks Great, We're No Longer Friends

Look, first things first: I’m not a gigantic Devil May Cry fan. I missed out on the first three games (for the most part) while they were hot, but did play (most of) 4 and picked up the HD Collection. I liked what I saw. That doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re a crazy person if you’re not excited for DmC. Hype, guys! I has it! -Twinfinite's Tyler Humphrey

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Godmars2902146d ago

What about for looking radically different for no real reason - lead former designer leaving don't count in my book - after having a long established history?

afterMoth2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

LOL at headline trying to get hits. No click on link, but why would i want to be friends with a person that has horrible tastes in gaming?

BlmThug2146d ago

Dont want to be friends with a person with such despicable taste anyway

RyuX192146d ago

When I saw the headline I was like "Muthafucka I don't wanna be friends with you" lol. This game looks like shit so far and if he likes it then there is something seriously wrong with it.

He already showed what side he is on by saying he isn't a fan of Devil May Cry.

OhMyGandhi2146d ago

you are also hating this game for no real reason.

See, when a game indicates change, to serve the purpose of the developer, I have no issue. Especially if the change is cosmetic.

Splinter cell has become a bastardized franchise, warming up to the wrong crowd. I have my reasons for disliking "Conviction", and "Blacklist" doesn't instill hope as well. My main gripe for disliking the direction of the franchise is that the very fundamental design of the game has changed. It leap frogged entire genres until it sat in an area that is incredibly oversaturated (action heavy third person shooter).

I ask why you dislike this game when it still has the player fighting demons, it still has a guy who thinks he's badass, and the same stylish gun and swordplay have remained.

The main gripe? his character redesign. Jesus. Put down the torch and pitchforks, and realize the game, on a multitude of levels, is very much the same.

Godmars2902146d ago

At least the changes in Splinter Cell are within the series continuity and over time. What's going on with DMC is a sudden and near total rewrite. A wholly different yet similar universe and not just Dante.

And I don't "hate" the game. I'm largely indifferent to it, mainly because of NT and Campom's reaction to fan reactions they somehow were clueless about.

DMC4 was flawed, but it also looked to be introducing a continuing story as well as new characters. Ones that could have been playable in DMC5 and on. Now that idea is likely gone.

smashman982146d ago

OK @ Godmars290 and all the "DmC Diehards" aka the very vocal minority

And I don't "hate" the game. I'm largely indifferent to it, mainly because of NT and Campom's reaction to fan reactions they somehow were clueless about.

Capcom and NT never said they don't see the fan complaints as a matter of fact they acknowledge it on more than one occasion

And you know what they do they say "we've studied game design, software engineering, etc also we have several critically acclaimed games under our belt" Now how many games do you or the rest of the vocal minority have?

I'm gonna guess none.


shuddup and let these people do their jobs if you dont like it dont buy it

I for one on the other hand see that this game is going to be awesome and on a level only comparable to the 3rd devil may cry if not better.

So be in denial as long as you guys want keep finding reasons to say this game sucks.

LIke c'mon seriously

"What's going on with DMC is a sudden and near total rewrite. A wholly different yet similar universe and not just Dante."

This my friend is exactly what dmc needed a re-write Because the story itself while good in some areas has become a mess

and I myself as a true dmc fan have accepted this along time ago and am now excited to get the best of both worlds amazing gameplay and amazing story

dorron2146d ago

We've never been friends, to begin with.

RedDead2146d ago

People don't like the way the Dante's design changed/ That's all.

RyuX192146d ago

It's more than that. The game looks extremely easy. Holding your hand giving you every opportunity to become overpowered. Infinite Air combos that are easy as hell to do. Your character becomes faster and more powerful when your style meter is high, the Devil Trigger lifts enemies in the air automatically and slows down time making the enemies sitting ducks, and this just the tip of the iceberg of dumb crap this game has.

rezzah2146d ago

Shows how much you know.

Not just about those who disagree with the reboot, but the series itself.

bangoskank2146d ago

The new character is trying too hard to be cool. Reminds me of the kid at school who takes up smoking and behaves rebelliously to impress classmates.

OhMyGandhi2146d ago

and the old Dante wasn't?

bangoskank2146d ago

The old Dante spouted out lines like "Let's rock, baby!". Clearly the original Devil May Cry didn't take itself too seriously with corny dialogue like that. Where old Dante was just a badass, emo Dante tries too hard to be one.

VileAndVicious2146d ago

You think he tries to hard to be cool? I think he acts like a regular guy...Or rather more realistic but whatever.

Kran2146d ago

I'm just saying; why is everybody just coming on posts like this just to vent their anger? Just don't buy it and you'll be venting your anger just fine.

Go back and play something worth wile if it bothers you so much. Or go play the originals.

Think of it as the modern Prince of Persia game that everyone hated. Think of this DmC as an experiment or something if it makes you feel better.

Hicken2146d ago

I'm just saying, why are people writing articles like this to justify what NT did to this franchise?

No, we won't be playing this, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't voice our opinions on it.

New Prince was different. They didn't say, "This is the old Prince, but we're changing everything about him. From the start, they said it was different in every way. (And, by the way, not everybody hated it, not by a long shot.)

The developers of this game gave a big middle finger to the fanbase. This article is defending that and, honestly, so are you, if you think we shouldn't have anything to say about it.

Kran2146d ago

So your saying people shouldn't support something on both sides?

Your saying that those who hate the way NT have made the game should automatically win and not those who actually like the changes (I am not one of those people BTW)

Hicken2146d ago

I'm saying no one should support a developer who flat-out disrespects the fanbase of the franchise they're working on. I don't care if it looks good or not; I have no desire to show my support to a group that has such blatant disregard for the people who made the franchise they're working on.

It looks decent. Doesn't have the feel of a DMC, in the slightest. Dante doesn't look, sound, or act like Dante, and the gameplay is similarly changed. I'm not a MASSIVE fan of the series, though I do enjoy it, but Ninja Theory has taken away everything that made the franchise iconic.

And all because they wanted to. They even went as far as to diss the original games.

In the past, they've blamed their own lack of success on others, and they continue to make excuses. To top it all off, they have no respect for the fans.

YOU and ME. They don't care about us.

Why the hell should anybody support that?

VileAndVicious2146d ago

I disagree. While ninja theory definitely says very douchey things from time to time especially regarding dmc. Id say they definitely do care what the fans think, they would never admit it but it's pretty obvious. For example everyone and their mama (myself included) voiced their displeasure of the original concept of this new Dante. They changed it based on fan feedback. People also complained about the cigarette, they've taken that away.The sound effects and music from the trailer last year, some of the animations have been changed. I could go on.

But I wouldn't exactly say that they don't care about the consumer. But their problem is they try so hard to act like they don't. It really rubs a lot of you the wrong way. I get that.

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