E3 Preview: Hands on with Assassin’s Creed III [Press2Reset]

Territories multiplayer gives us a first look at AC3 gameplay

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Cusmar3502295d ago

I was sort of hoping for some sort of more combat-heavy mode myself, but it does sound interesting so far!

Elderly_Cynic2295d ago

I do find it a refreshing change (potentially, anyway) from the standard "kill everyone" modes that most multiplayer relies on. I'll be interested to try it myself.

Cusmar3502295d ago

Yeah, it does look similar to the multiplayer modes in AC:B and AC:R, which is fine, but I do hope they expand it a little bit in order to encapsulate all of the gameplay that can be found in the AC franchise - some sort of sword-swashing mode would be cool to play with!

Sharodan2295d ago

I was hoping there would be a demo of the single player on the show floor too, but I'll take the look at the multiplayer anyways.