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Submitted by GuruGavrill 1345d ago | news

Tomb Raider Coming to Wii U?

After many years of kicking ass and taking names, Lara Croft will be seeing a new, grittier, more vulnerable side to her adventure. Previously, Nintendo fans were thought to be completely left out of this experience, but recent findings suggest that it could in fact be coming to the Wii U (Tomb Raider, Wii U)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1345d ago
Did not quite understand what caused this rumor but OK. It would be welcome.
corrus  +   1345d ago
I don't think they will play this game
DivineAssault  +   1345d ago
I loved that dude.. Bubble + for u
Hisiru  +   1345d ago
I am a Nintendo fan but I bought a PS3 because most of the multiplatform games were released for PS3/x360. How can anyone buy third party games on the Wii if there is no real support and when you have a port for the Wii, it's really bad?

It's not because we don't want to play it on the Wii, it's because we got bad support, bad ports and the system was underpowered.

I hope it will be different with the WiiU, and then we will be able to buy games like this on the WiiU.
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Soldierone  +   1344d ago
@hisiru I understand where you are coming from and have to say that the "bad support" was simply the poor specs for Wii. You can't really have some games at the same level on there when certain games are pushing 360 to its limits.

With WiiU it has better specs and I think the support will be better because of it, at least until a year or so into next generation and the developers start utilizing the next PlayStation and Xbox better. (unless Nintendo revamps its WiiU specs before launch)
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1345d ago
you might be right. (Nintendo fans seem to fit the fears of 3rd Parties).

But it looked great during... was it Sony's or Microsoft's Press Conference?
Timmer  +   1345d ago
Most of the real Nintendo fans would play this. I know I would.

The casual market won't, they'll get scared that the game is nothing but torture porn.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1344d ago
I am a Nintendo fan but a lot of us do overlook non-Nintendo titles.
WiiUfan  +   1345d ago
I hope this rumor is true cuse I was getting it for ps3, if true I would get it for (the U) I don't know why company's are not saying they are supporting the system, when they are.
DivineAssault  +   1345d ago
Thats cuz they might not be.. Most of them wait to see if the system gets a good install base before making high production value titles.. Remember XBOX 1? Crappy support but it earned its place among core gamers.. Nintendo must be a bankable commodity.. Most games above TEEN rating flop..
Valenka  +   1345d ago
The trailer has only the PS3, Xbox, and PC icons, so no Wii U.
Timmer  +   1345d ago
Watch Dogs has been confirmed for PC, 360, PS3. Yet it's still in consideration for a Wii U release. Just because they trailer says it doesn't mean it won't happen. It just means it's not happening as of the time of the trailer airing.
Valenka  +   1345d ago
Regardless, I doubt Tomb Raider would be released on the Wii U--the last two games that were on the Wii (Anniversary and Underworld) were immensely watered down, and even the developers said they weren't proud of that. I just can't see it happening given the past.
Timmer  +   1345d ago
To their defense, the devs didn't have much to work with on the Wii. We all know that. But it's not too late, they could bring it over or port it. The article is too unclear without any actual evidence to be believable, but I still hold hope because I like what I saw from the game.
DivineAssault  +   1345d ago
Well i doubt it..Even if it does happen, it wont be launched at the same time.. development is too far along for them to port it properly & implement new features.. Unless games launch simultaneously, wii u has no hope with the core audience

Plus games like these or any mature rated games released on nintendo never sell well.. Devs would be wasting their time with anything above a TEEN rating
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