Gears Of Dead Space – Another Great Franchise Ruined?

With the E3 trailer and gameplay demo appearing to suggest that Dead Space 3 has embraced cover-based action and co-op mayhem in place of genuine horror, Mark Butler argues that fans are right to voice their concern.

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Mad_Mack2262d ago

I think that if anything they missed a real opportunity in not getting Chris Tucker in to voice the side kick.

forcefullpower2262d ago

I had such high hope for this series after playing the first and second game i was absolutely gripped apart from the multiplayer. This is just as the headline says gears of war and dead space hacked together.

Such a shame for the series.

Reibooi2262d ago

I hear ya it's such a shame I was excited to see it and when I did I thought of 2 other games. 1 it looked like it plays like gears now(not a bad thing but this is supposed to be a Dead Space game) and 2 it looked like a Lost Planet setting(because of the snow although i'm sure the entire game will have different areas)

Makes me sad I was pretty excited to see it and now it's kinda meh for me. Funny thing is I was watching the EA presser on Spike and before it started Geoff had asked a guy what he was excited for from the EA presser and the guy had said Dead Space because while RE had moved on to a more action focus EA had stuck to their guns and tried to make Dead Space more about the scares. That guy must have been so let down as was I when he saw the footage.

Tdmd2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Made me think of Lost Planet too, but not for the snow. I think it might have been the giant boss at the end. I wonder what made them go from this gen kings of horror to just follow crapcom lead...


Dead Space 1 is one of my favourite games this gen and my No 1 new IP this gen.

For me everything started going downhill the moment they gave Issic a generic voice and threw in MP....

Now looking at DS3, disappointed is not even the word anymore. It really does look like they have missed it.

such a shame..

Tdmd2262d ago

I don't see how giving Isaac a voice was a bad move. Multiplayer, on the other hand wasn't their most brillant idea.

Lucretia2262d ago

I thought the franchise was ok, not bad, it was good, not amazing though.

easy survival horror takes away from the survival and horror.

and since gamers this gen are abysmal at games they need to be catered too.

i mean i thought it was enough the the first 2 games were easy on hard and that there were only 4 enemy types so you didn't have to worry about how to fight the enemies.

also i thought it was easy enough since they put the Quest guide for you so you couldn't get lost, aswell as making the first gun the best gun in the game and plentiful ammo.

but oh well, since gamers need to be catered too they will make it easier and easier.

aslong as its still fun im ok with it, i just hope they let me start on Very Hard this time

Darth Gamer2262d ago

Agreed. I know its early to tell but from what I've seen so far, another of my favorite series has been ruined. I had such high hopes for the 3rd. Visions of walking on a desolite, frozen planet in a deserted base where you are thought to be the only one there to see if maybe a survivor or two are still out there have been shattered. Now it looks to be just another run and gun with ducking in and out of cover game. Hello Resident evil, I'm looking at you too!!!!!

pandaboy2262d ago

List of series ruined this E3:

Dead Space
Tomb Raider
Splinter Cell
Far Cry
Resident Evil

I'm not saying all these games will be poor, but they no longer possess the gameplay of their earlier titles. They might as well be new IP action games but they are cashing in on the series' name. Such a shame to be losing variety in the industry so quickly.

FarCryLover1822262d ago

Splinter cell ruined THIS E3??? It was ruined at E3 2009 with Conviction and this SC is just more of the same.

KyRo2262d ago

I agree with pretty much all them but Tomb Raider looks amazing? Have I missed something because before E3 it was on everyone's must have lists and now everyone is bashing it.

I only saw the trailer and the XB timed DLC nonsense.

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