BioWare defends fan criticism on ME3 ending: "It's interactive, so you're going to have your say."

BioWare has addressed the importance of gamer feedback in the wake of the Mass Effect 3 ending furore and the company's recent request for fan suggestions on the future of its Dragon Age series.

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Godmars2902230d ago

Guess this better than telling the truth for them. That they cut corners and where put under pressure for a quick turnaround.

FrightfulActions2230d ago

It is nice that they listen and all, but...
"opinion that is too emotional, we won't reward that in the same way."

Seems strange to me really. You'd think that would be one of the preferred. They should be happy they've made a series so many people enjoy enough to actually be emotional over, so that they actually care about what happens to all these fictional 3D characters. It means they did something right.

It kinda sounds like it is more of a "listen to those who treat it just like a game and don't feel attachment to the story or characters. We can tweak gameplay elements, not story stuff that most people skip anyway just to keep shooting."

I really wish that last part wasn't true. Mass Effect, as a series had some great story to tell. It was filled with interesting characters and technology. Tons of lore. It's kinda depressing to think how many people prefer to play Action Mode and just skip the story elements with disinterest. Everyone is welcome to play whatever way they prefer to have fun, but still cant help but feel that they're really missing out.

Ace_Pheonix2229d ago

I know what you mean. I love the series for the story hands down. Every time I had to pull my gun back out I was like "Ugh, I have to go shoot through some more stuff again?". I really liked the exploration, reading Data logs and the like a lot more than the shooting/cover system. There are better 3rd person shooters for action, ME is great for it's atmosphere and scale.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2229d ago

they get it, they're just no going to comply with it.

strauser3602229d ago

All they are trying to say is that they are going to be listening to the fans that can write a paragraph that is articulate and meaningful as opposed to the people who are writing 1/10 reviews on websites and basically threatening the company and the validity of videogames being art. A lot of you users are twisting their words to how you see fit and putting tons of negative spin on it. No I'm not a fucking hired bioware person or fanboy either.

Hicken2229d ago

It can be argued just as easily that you're twisting their words to fit what you want, as well. While I agree with you that they shouldn't pay heed to people whose remarks are little more than incomprehensible hate, I'm not certain that BioWare is GENUINELY going to follow through.

They've already shown to be rather resistant to making changes the fans want, at one point even making jokes about the complaints with ME3's ending. I don't think it's going too far to say their trust must be earned back, at this point.

strauser3602229d ago

Well from what I understand they are basically adding more clarity and extension to what happened in the ending. They arent just going to change it to something completely different.

002229d ago

I'm totally going to believe them now.

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The story is too old to be commented.