Dragon Ball Z for Kinect at E3 – 4 New Videos

From the Electronic Entertainment Expo come 4 new gameplay videos.

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tayz2264d ago

this game looks terrible. i do like the girl playing it tho.

Mariusmssj2264d ago

Why does it look terrible?

tayz2264d ago

did you watch the video? it looks so bland! its like a watered down tenkaichi 3. no multiplayer and online either!!

Mariusmssj2264d ago

ohh that way yeah xD i thought you meant graphics

Shadonic2264d ago

sad thing is that its not even a problem with the peripheral its the stupid studio being to lazy to do something right!!

tayz2263d ago

agreed. they should have worked on this last yr too instead of releasing the abomination known as ultimate tenkaichi.

zeal0us2263d ago

Something telling this is going to end up like Star Wars Kinect. A lot of potential but end product was poorly done.

tayz2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

thats so right. DBZ and Star Wars have so much potential but they botched it.

NellyNel_7_1_32263d ago

Mann, my arms gotten tired after watch those videos lol... Good luck in playing this game for an hour. You will get a good arm workout after playing this game trust me...