Fly like a Squirrel in New Super Mario Bros Wii U | gamrReview

gamrReview: "Oh I can hear you now internet. More like OLD Super Mario Bros Wii 2, amiright derp derp derp?"

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Spectator12301d ago

Not the most innovative game around obviously, but it looks fantastic and I bet it plays perfectly.

eagle212301d ago

Exactly, with addictive gameplay.

2301d ago
neutralgamer192301d ago

why wouldn't it play perfectly? With so many Mario games they would have already mastered the formula and the game is in no way taxing to the hardware.

No one bashes Mario for being lame or not fun. Mario games are super fun ppl make negative comments because Nintendo relys only on their old ips and the sequels really bring nothing new to the table.

2301d ago
neutralgamer192301d ago

Good job in riding me like you always do. Duhh you should have said that to the person that mentioned tight controls in Mario (my thoughts exactly).

And i also described Nintendo as a whole and no they are not like every other company def. not like Sony which are continuously giving its gamers new ips so much so i hear an announcement like every two months sadly cant say the same for Nintendo. But guess your happy with monotony right?

bothebo2301d ago

Ahaha they're disagreeing because they don't have a response lol.