Entire PSOne Classics Catalogue will be Compatible with PS Vita

A Sony Rep claims that every game currently available title in the PSone Classics catalog will be available for play on Vita with no exceptions.

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Snookies122231d ago

Ahhhh, I like that page... Really does remind me of my PS1 back in the day... I just miss getting to push the button and watch the lid pop up, then that satisfying clicking when you push it back down. -_- I'm weird...

GribbleGrunger2231d ago

that's not weird... it brought a tear to my eye

TLG19912231d ago

its part of being a gamer, you know your a true one when little things like that you remember and treasure.

its like the new game smell when ever you open a new game for the first time and it smells brand new argghhhh i love it!! :D or am i being wierd on that one!

Vitalogy2231d ago

Right now I remember why I bought a PSVita with this awesome screen, was to play 15 year old games from the Playstation, not that I could take mine from the closet and plug it in the tv to play the games -.- *sigh*

The arguement "but you can play them on the go" won't stick, why? Because I can also play on the go PSVita EXCLUSIVES and NEW games, why would I play €250 for a console to play 15 year old games in it with graphics that these make me cry with how bad they look and this beautiful screen.

Hozi2231d ago

dude, grow up already and have some patience. There is a huge line up of Vita Exclusive games coming, u just have to wait.

I would love to have the option to play games from 15 years ago because it's those old games that revolutionized the gaming industry. It's those games that got SONY recognized as a top notch game developer and console maker. It's those same games that we still see sequels for today.

Have some patience. Just because SONY is allowing BC for ps1 games, don't mean it's holding them back from making new exclusives.

Mr_Kuwabara2231d ago

I just can't understand why people cling on to buy stuff so eagerly just to say that they have it and then complain as to why this and that. Why didnt you research the darn thing before wasting 200 + dollars on a device?

This my people, is capitalism at its finest moments. Buy, buy, buy! Materialize, materialize, materialize! Taxes, taxes, taxes!

As for me, no I don't have the Vita. Do I want one? Hell, yes. It's by far the best portable device. But does it have that much games to offer to make me consider a purchase? No, not yet but that'll all change in due time.

I do have my eye on the MGS collection. But that's not a reason for me to get it as of yet.

PirateThom2231d ago

That was worrying, the way they initial presented it really did sound like you'd need to re-buy them.

CoryHG2231d ago

Why announce new games when can simply add this? This adds about 8 titles to my vita now.

theWB272231d ago

Is this for the same crowd that talks about how next gen graphics are sorely needed and new IP's are a must? Seems kind of weird to want to go back and play those old, some are even the same, IP's with 20 year old out dated graphics. Seems kind of....backwards to me.

PirateThom2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I don't see why you can't have both... I love the Vita, it has everything a handheld should have in terms of features and games... doesn't mean I don't have my PSP loaded with NES and SNES emulators. Sometimes a kick of nostalgia is just right.

theWB272231d ago

That isn't a problem, and im guessing you aren't part of that crowd on here. Too many people complain how developers keep making sequels, graphics are getting outdated(please) and then demand that they have backwards compatibility, in terms of playstation they want the whole back catalogue. Those 2 things don't can you be tired of sequels but demand they provide where alot of them first came from. How can you say these visuals are outdated and demand a new system when you play 20 year old tech?

lilmetal2231d ago

I've never owned a PSOne.
I've never finished disc 1 of FFVII.
Here's another chance for me to not finish that game.

lilmetal2231d ago

Fk me, right?
I've had it on PSP and PS3 already.
Began on my PSP, and it wouldn't let me copy my save to my friend's PS3.
Whatever, I just started new on the PS3, still wouldn't let me copy to my PSP, so I could copy that to my new PS3.

I'll have to start over again, but whatever...

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The story is too old to be commented.