Halo 4: Spartan Ops Menu Screens

Spratan Ops menu screens showing:

Spartan Ops Episodes (x2)

Spartan Ops Cooperative Missions (x5)

Post-game Carnage Report

Weapon Unlocks

Armor Customization

Micro Customization


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guitarse2179d ago

*drools* ever inch of this game I see is absolute gaming porn, can't wait for them to release it, getting bored of Reach!

MoreConsole2179d ago

Dude, every new screenshot makes the wait for November 6th that little bit more unbearable.

MerkinMax2179d ago

Nothing beats playing as the Chief!

guitarse2179d ago

Yup, it's bloody killing us here! Ok they may have butchered it with a bunch of CoD features, but I have faith that it'll be a prime cut, not mutton.


Loki862179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I absolutely love the amount of detail 343 has put into everything to make it look as slick as possible. Like in the campaign how you can see the outlines of the helmet, so instead of just a hud, it's looks like you are looking through the visor and seeing these outputs in front of you. Just one example, but little touches like that bridge the gap between a great game and a groundbreaking game.

delosisland2179d ago

I hope we level faster than in Reach. What I mean by that is in Gears I'm constantly rewarded whereas in Reach it feels like FOREVER to get any recognition for my hard work: the little medals (called?) literally stop popping up after you get most to silver or gold and having to go through 3 ranks for every "level" is painstaking and not nearly as fun.