Sony: New innovations show PS3 has a long way to go

Despite an increasing number of indications that the current generation console cycle is at its closing stages, a key executive at Sony has said the PlayStation 3 still has mileage for a significant amount of key new content.

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Cajun Chicken2260d ago

Like Wonderbook?...yeah right.

ABizzel12260d ago

If they sell Wonderbook to Elementary schools they're going to make a fortune.

PS3 $249
PS Move Bundle $99
WonderBook $??

$350 * millions of schools around the globe = Sony Stock rising back to where it was.

Godmars2902260d ago

If they try to push the Wonderbook, something that can't be little more VR cards in book form, a folder sized collection of effectively blank cardboard pages, for anything more than $20 I'll be shocked.

Reborn2260d ago

When will all the Wonderbook comments end?

What's wrong with Wonderbook? It's something which if done right, can help children learn. If you don't like it, fair enough. Calm down with the comments acting like it's a total failure of a product. Furthermore, I doubt your the audience Sony are aiming for with this product.

Correct marketing is what will turn this into something even more brilliant.

givemeshelter2260d ago

I think Wonderbook is a great idea.
I won't bag on it whatsoever.
Greta idea imo.
Now saying that, imagine if MS came out with this...
You can imagine all the extra hating it would get on N4G.COM LOL

cstyle2260d ago

I think sony will hold on to this generation until sometime in 2014 while MS will probably launch in the 3rd or 4th qtr of next year.

mewhy322260d ago

I have to agree. Sony would fair better if they would release before or at least the same time as Microsoft. A years lead has been hard to overcome.

typikal822260d ago

I bet they start selling the PS3 and Vita together eventually and that extends the life.

Saw an article where the dev of ZombiU considered doing a PS3 version with Vita controls.

EliteDave932260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

2013 will be an awesome year for PS3. Last Of Us , Beyond Two Souls and God Of War Ascension. I dont rly care for PS4 when i know PS3 still receives epic games.

theWB272260d ago

Playstation will, maybe by a few months, be right behind microsoft. If, and it's a nice if, microsoft hits that entertainment sector along with the "hardcore" crowd and both adopt early. That would be a big blow.

Developers weren't just telling us that they're ready for next gen, im sure they've had nice discussions with the big M n P about moving on. Playstation im sure wont abandon in house development, but that machine will be there with the xbox.

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