E3 2012: Why Watch Dogs is My Game of the Show


Every day I read about various accounts and sites being hacked. I hear about people being spied on or harassed online. News spreads of computer failures that lead to the loss of innocent lives, or the inconvenience of thousands more. I read this information, this data, on my phone. On my iPad. On my computer. On my dedicated portable gaming device - on my home console for that matter.

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Krugsy2234d ago

I really loved the demo, and probably was the biggest surprise coming out of the press conferences for me.

Loved The Last of Us demo as well, but I already expected to love it.

Beyond: Two Souls looked amazing as well, definitely excited to see more.Kinda knew something was coming due to all the rumours.

Those would be the 3 games of the show for me, although Watch Dogs was certainly the biggest surprise.

GamingPerson2234d ago

Yeah watch dogs I am finally upgrading when this comes.

younglj012234d ago

Watch Dogs
Beyond:Two Souls
The Last of Us
^best games shown at this year E3...


Game was impressive but it was shown on a platform I do not own. I cannot give credit for this title yet because now they are talking about a new engine. Who knows what console gamers are getting in the end.

Loki862234d ago

Watch Dogs
Halo 4

Best games shown, you can't go off of the one cutscene that was shown for Beyond.

younglj012234d ago

An article have 23 mins of footage of Beyond:Two Souls.I just seen it an I'm totally surprise of what Quantum Dream have done it is really amazing.

hope you look at the footage you will not be sorry...

Emilio_Estevez2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

They said that wasn't a CGI cut scene though, it was all rendered real time with the game engine. So basically it will look like that if what they said is true.