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Nintendo Gets an A...for Effort

"Oh, Nintendo. They try so hard to please their fans, but after a lackluster presentation and very little new information from all of E3, I’m left feeling very disappointed. It’s true that Nintendo beat out Sony and Microsoft at this year’s E3—but is that really saying a lot when the other two big companies had presentations that were monotonous and even boring?" (3DS, Dev, E3, Industry, Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

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gulevski  +   965d ago
great article
Parapraxis  +   965d ago
" It’s true that Nintendo beat out Sony and Microsoft at this year’s E3"
In what reality is this person living?
metsgaming  +   965d ago
living in Nintendo Land.
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onyoursistersback  +   965d ago
and eating them Mario shurms....
Y_5150  +   965d ago
Well it was better than Microsoft's.
MasterCornholio  +   965d ago
Like they said in a podcast

" It has been proven that 360 owners spend more time using services on their console like Netflix, ESPN etc then playing games"

The same was true about Microsofts conference that it was focused on services and not games.

Hence one of the reasons why i dumped my 360 for a PS3 (kinect was one as well).
Shadow Flare  +   965d ago
"It’s true that Nintendo beat out Sony and Microsoft at this year’s E3"

I've seen a lot of people on this site say the nintendo conference was so bad it put them off buying a Wii U. In fact it was so bad that nintendo's shares dropped afterwards. And Sony's rose funnily enough. But that might be why most people said Sony won.
Khordchange  +   965d ago
"nintendo's shares dropped afterwards"

well that always happens when you show new hardware, but yeah the conference sucked. Still don't know what they were thinking with that conference. Did they just sit back and say "hmmm, I'm sure people will like this" I mean where was their core franchises? But I'm beating a dead horse at this point, I'm sure nintendo got the point with the negative feedback from fans.
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live2play  +   965d ago
yes the nintendo conference did fail massivley but its not the reason stocks dropped, STOCKS ALWAYS DROP after nintendo unveils a new system, they say so themselves

and you cant use N4G as proof nintendo sucked, because even if they didnt suck(which they did)
HERE IN SONY CENTRAL aka n4g, people STILL wouldnt admit nintendo won

i mean nintendo killed in 2010 yet people here STILL wouldnt admit it
Skateboard  +   965d ago
I gave it a B for boring.
TheColbertinator  +   965d ago
Yeah I saw Watch Dogs and The Last of Us,both games wiped the floor.Nintendo had no direction.They unveiled more on the WiiU last E3 than this E3.
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ShaunCameron  +   965d ago
How about an A+ for tackling the whole rising development cost issue head-on by making a console that is not gonna cost developers an arm and a leg just to make a game for? They're free not to do business with Nintendo all they want. But they better not come crying when their (triple-A) game despite even selling a million copies still ends up all but completely bankrupting them. "Real" gamers as well better not come crying when paying for DLC becomes standard practice for developers and publishers to recoup costs, or games that take forever to make if not come out broken requiring a patch download to fix them, or games costing $70-$80 and up reflecting the real cost of making the modern game, or studios unwilling to take risks figuring that it would be more profitable to copy the popular IP of the day hence more clones and sequels effectively stagnating the industry, or more studios and publishers going out of business.
MasterD919  +   965d ago
Nintendo ruined an opportunity to present the Wii U in a way that would get the fans talking and actually want the new unit. Instead everyone seems to be scratching their heads.

It came off as a let-down...Wii U will sell, but Nintendo could be left in the dust. If the Wii U doesn't have a great launch then it will clearly take time to build up buzz. Sony and MS will always be one step ahead with whatever next gen consoles they produce. Everyone wants them already...
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   965d ago
The way I see it Nintendo did a great job explaining what the Wii u can do the only thing that disappointed me was that they didn't show us what retro studio is working on

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