SCEE boss Jim Ryan: PS3 has "a long way to go yet"

Speaking after Sony’s E3 2012 conference, Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan said games like Beyond and The Last of Us demonstrated that there’s “a long way to go yet” for PS3, dispelling any assertions that E2 2012 might be the platforms’ swansong.

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GribbleGrunger2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

i agree. i'm looking forward to at least another 5 years with my PS3. even if the games dry up somewhat in the next 2 years, there's such a HUGE back catalogue of titles i want to play both on Blu-ray and PSN

LarVanian2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I'm not really in any rush to start playing next-gen consoles. I'm enjoying this gen too much.

Amazingmrbrock2149d ago

Between all their devs they've kindo of compiled a dream team of game engines that can handle just about anything on the ps3. The infamous 2 engine was pretty amazing, so is the one naughty dog are using for the last of us, and the god of war engine is pretty stellar, plus the engine they used in heavy rain.

Hopefully we see more stuff along the trend of the last of us which seems to be more mature and artistic than many games from earlier in this gen. From like all devs on all systems.

There are exceptions of course but by and large this holds true. If they have to focus on technical graphics type stuff companies won't be able to focus on story or gameplay as much.

dangert122149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Want the ''Next Gen'' now Get a PC,WII-U and or A Vita. Don't want neither or have those...Make a console...Still cba?...SHUT UP, SIT DOWN and be happy with what you have. That's to everyone complaining

GamingPerson2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

lol on pc you get BC evey time. You scared of ps4? Just rebuy them on psn! that is the plan anyway.
After seeing star wars 1313 this gen can die.

Dlacy13g2149d ago

This generation of games has indeed been excellent, and while I do look forward to new innovations that the next gen will bring, as above stated... I have more than enough in the back catalog to keep me busy for a few years.

ApolloAdams2149d ago

Stop the prolonging please. I want some new shiny hardware to play with. It has been long enough.

You don't have years more because developers won't be developing on these systems for the foreseeable future.

PS4 in 2013 is NEEDED.

Anon19742149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I disagree, and so do many developers who say there's no rush for new hardware. As it sits now there are few developers who have the resources to push the current hardware to it's limits.

New hardware isn't going to transform games overnight if the developers don't have the manpower, money or expertise to even push current gen hardware. If they could, every game would look like Uncharted or Gears. If hardware is the issue, why don't all PC games look like Battlefield 3 or Witcher 2? It's because the hardware isn't the issue. The bottleneck is with developers themselves. And as games get bigger and better, they take longer to make and more expensive. They become riskier. The last couple of gens, a flop wouldn't necessarily bankrupt a company. Pushing tech today, if your big game doesn't hit, you're in trouble.
The next gen can take as long as it needs. There's certainly nothing wrong with the games we're seeing now.

younglj012149d ago

agree 100% well said....

Hicken2149d ago

You mean the way people stopped developing for the PS2 once the PS3 was out? (Oh, wait, they didn't. Not for a few years, anyway.)

Some systems have reached a plateau as far as ability goes, but it seems like there are two or three games every year that prove the PS3 still has life. It has "years more" because there are plenty of great games- many with long campaigns or high replay value- in its library, along with the games still to come. So unless you're rushing through 50+ hour games in a week, there's still plenty to play. And that means more time spent on the system.

I know you're really just a 360 fanboy, but if you're so eager for the next gen, you're gonna miss out on the great stuff that's still coming this gen.

And, really, this isn't about when the PS4 will come out, but about how long the PS3 will be supported. As a 360 fan, it probably bothers you, but Sony supports their systems long after the successor has been released, which means it'll be getting new games for a while.

Deal with it.

ApolloAdams2149d ago

I don't own a Xbox360 though?

dangert122149d ago

Just download the first dead space for a £10 not bad would of got It sooner but every time I go to the store they wanted to I.D me and I have none though I'm 21 now.

Anyway my point Is I still have alot to play and catch up on I don't see why sony need make a new console and If they did I wouldn't be getting It so soon since I am not finished on the Ps3 yet...

Tonester9252149d ago

How about some more software updates. I don't use most of them but it shows the advancement haha

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