Brand new Uncharted games unveiled at E3 (Or why you’d be forgiven for thinking that)

As if Nathan Drake wasn’t already the coolest kid in videogames, he’s now become something of a trendsetter. E3 wasn’t short of games trying to emulate Uncharted’s success, with The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, and Star Wars 1313 all finding inspiration in Naughty Dog’s treasure trove…

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Emilio_Estevez2084d ago

It's funny for me to see this article this morning. Last night I had a 2 friends over, I wouldn't call them casual, but not quite hardcore gamers either. Both of them said 'Is this the new Uncharted game?', because I had the Last of Us trailer playing when they got there.

Thatguy-3102084d ago

Don't see what are the similarities between this game and uncharted? it didn't even have big set pieces like the uncharted games have and if it did they would had probably showed it off at e3. In fact this seems to take a more serious approach to storytelling. This title seems mature enough because of the actions that your going to have to make. Yea the basic shoot, go behind cover will take place but thats common sense. What do ppl expect?

Emilio_Estevez2084d ago

Oh I agree, but that's what they said. I have no control over that. I can see the difference, but I guess they can't?

Dee_912083d ago

your friends are retards
nah im joking
what do you expect,it was made by the same people ofcourse there are alot similarities but there are probably even more differences.

corrus2084d ago

It's really funny article The Last Of Us and Uncharted are two different games and genres

Hicken2083d ago

There are some superficial similarities between Uncharted and The Last of Us, but that's about it.