5 Vita Games I Am Looking Forward To

Sony may have forgotten to hype their new console this E3, but I haven't. Here's a list of 5 Vita games I'm definitely going to pick up this year.

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vodshuggah2231d ago

Also excited for Strangers wrath and silent hill. Shame Sony didn't focus on vita at all.

smashcrashbash2231d ago

The games were still there. What does it matter? Because they didn't show them on stage does that mean we are not getting them? They showed them off to people at E3 and people got to play them. So because they didn't stand there and rattle off every VITA game we are getting what does that mean exactly? Not to mention we get a COD AND a Assassins Creed game for the VITA only.

vodshuggah2231d ago

Just mad there were no new announcements, we knew about COD and AC previously, and a little concerned COD wasn't even shown with it being released in 5 months. Love my vita, just want something for it.

cpayne932231d ago

It doesn't REALLY matter, but in my opinion it really wasn't smart of Sony to not put bigger focus on the vita during the conference. A montage would have been easy to include and effective.

My only disapointment is the lack of kiilzone. We've known that's coming our for vita for a long time now, why no mention?

Tony-A2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I'm disappointed by it's showing during the conference, too. I know all the games were there at E3, but the fact is that this is their brand new hardware that hasn't been loved nearly as much as it should be worldwide.

The Vita gives you such a fun and powerful experience that it's a shame it's being overlooked in the market, whether it be due to the games or (most likely) the price.

By the way they showcased the hot new PS3 exclusive IPs, it seems obvious to me that Sony's focus at E3 this year was to show the public that there are still incredible new games and potential franchises still left to explore on the system. It's unfortunate because it leaves the new guy in the shadow when it deserves the spotlight.

Thankfully, Sony is always one to release systems with long legs (major case in point being the 12 year old PS2) so it has plenty of time to shine. I just hope it's sooner rather than later.

Tony-A2231d ago

My Top 5:

- Sly Cooper
- Soul Sacrafice
- Gravity Rush (just played the demo, that game is phenomenal!!)
- Assassin's Creed III: Liberation
- Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified

And I would love a GTA Vita...

vodshuggah2231d ago

Would kill for GTA! Mostly pedestrians while driving on the sidewalk.

DivineAssault 2231d ago

Vita Rules! i truly dont understand why ppl arent trying it out.. PSP i can understand not buying, but this is very VERY different.. Memory prices really suck but i wouldnt pick the competition over it no matter how many 1st party games they have..

ddurand12231d ago

most people dont have 250 to spend to try something out. especially when there arent any must buy games on the shelves next to them.

I own a vita and I am enjoying all the PSP games I missed out on in the meantime. Those games will come out. and the systems will sell better.

DivineAssault 2231d ago

True but i still think saving up the extra $80 for one is totally worth it..

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