Project Happiness English debut trailer

The trailer of Mr. Wada's "Project Happiness".

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Spenok2260d ago

That honestly looked to me like one of those shitty facebook games like Farmville or whatever, just made for handhelds. Kind of sad really. Oh well. Maybe it will get some of those millions of players to buy a 3DS or a Vita lol.

ronin4life2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

It's a 3ds/Mobile game.
when I saw the vid and heard that it was multiplatform I was thinking 3ds/psp, but as of now it is 3ds/mobile.

Spenok2260d ago

I see... I'll be honest I didn't finish watching the trailer, however looking at the article description, it says it's for 3DS and Vita. Which is why I said 3DS and Vita. Oh well, then maybe it will get some of those peoples to buy a 3DS. Though if its for mobile devices as well, I doubt that, as those people probably already have some mobile device.