No Console? No Problem With Gaikai’s Cloud Gaming

There could soon be a revolution in the gaming industry, as gaming service Gaikai is set to put a whole new spin on the way players get to game. With playable demos for nearly every game, something gamers have been clamoring for, and the ability to play high resolution, current generation games without the use of a console, this company is set to put the “cloud” on a whole new level.

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Christopher2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Sure, if you don't mind paying extra money and really long times before anything ever goes on sale. I think you'd save more money just buying a console, personally. These guys are going to have to make a lot more money than Steam to keep their services running, and that means the customers are going to pay more just to not own any disc copies of the games. Furthermore, they'll be locked into the service since they won't have anyone else to buy from to play on their crappy PCs or tablet devices.

Personally, I'd never use a tablet for 'hardcore' gaming. Latency on touch controls are really bad in comparison to K/M or controllers and then you have to have UI and screen in one.

The_Devil_Hunter2231d ago

Ugh, playing hardcore games using touch commands is a no no.
Nothing compares a remote in the palm of your hands.

GamingPerson2231d ago

honesty I don't know about Gaikai but Onlive prices and sales are similar to steam. They are selling copies out of thin air.

Christopher2231d ago

Actually, OnLive sales are months after Steam has them and are very anemic in comparison (recall the recent Ubisoft weekend sale). And I haven't had a good experience with what I've played on OnLive personally. And I have FiOS 20Mbps up/down.

duplissi2230d ago

what are you even talking about?! onlive and gaikais are obviously the future of gaming. smh

sarydactl2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

This would be interesting if they can pick up some top-quality games. It's annoying having to borrow consoles to play games my PC could handle (not saying PCs are better...just that this service would be convenient).

EDIT: And keep in mind this is for more than just tablets. It's also for regular PCs :v . I also wouldn't play games on a tablet.

2231d ago
Hicken2231d ago

Have they solved that lack of an internet connection(for whatever reason) problem yet?

ufo8mycat2230d ago

Single Player with lag - yeah brilliant....