Ed Boon on Injustice: “We won’t be cutting Batman’s head off”

NetherRealm Studios boss Ed Boon has emphasised the differences between upcoming DC fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us and the studio’s flagship franchise Mortal Kombat, saying that while people may expect ultra violence, they won’t be cutting Batman’s head off.

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CoryHG2295d ago

This might be what holds back a purchase. They should have fatalities. It helped put the last MK over the top.

DeleteThisxx2295d ago

This isn't a Mortal Kombat game. Why don't people get that?

Mortal Kombat did well because it was a viable tournament game and a fun one at that

DarkBlood2295d ago

thats because it was a mortal kombat game only design for that brutal gameplay

Captain Qwark 92295d ago

gonna have to agree with the other two here. mk was meant to have that brutality, that is a trademark of that franchise.

this however is dc, if you can find me a few examples where batman or superman ripped somebody in two or decapitated somebody, then ill agree with you

also ill need some instances where batman and superman or any other dc hero was mutilated.

find those and ill def agree with you. but last time i checked those things dont happen in the dc universe and its never been detrimental to the property before so i fail to see why it would hurt it now. over the top fighting is all it needs and it looks to have plenty of that.

game looks great and like a nice alternative until the next mk. also since they are creating this instead, it will keep them from turning out a new mk too fast

Captain Qwark 92295d ago

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeell..........

i stand corrected. guess they could easily do fatalities. i wonder who is not letting them.

Giru0172295d ago

Well, Superboy Prime is awesome, but fatalities are usually reserver for the villains. Still, MK should be brutal, DC over the top. No fatalities needed here, it's a different franchise. Make the fighting good and I'll buy it :)

BXbomber2295d ago

its DC we're talking about theres no fatalities in the DC universe get that thru ur head!

bangoskank2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Did Boon ever think this is the novel approach the game needs to make big sales. Fans would love to see DC characters meet their gory demise Ultimately it's not up to Boon anyway. I doubt DC wants to see its property decapitated and eviscerated.

AgreeFairy2295d ago

DC characters fighting in a game that's not mature with no fatalities...It's just MK vs DC all over again. They should've made MK10 instead (or at least put out more DLC characters considering most of the ones they put out nobody wanted).

Captain Qwark 92295d ago

wtf??? freddy? awesome kenshi? one of the best mk characters of all rain? classic mk ninja scarlett? awesome easter egg for the fans

pretty sure all these characters except freddy, who was just a cool surprise were all wanted. perhaps not over some of the others still left out but that boils down to personal preference

AgreeFairy2295d ago

The only character worth a damn in all of that DLC was Rain. They ruined Kenshi because they didn't want to make him feel too much like Ermac (which was a stupid excuse considering all they did was rehash moves anyways). Skarlet shouldn't have even been a DLC character same goes for Freddy (which was the WORST DLC character). The only good DLC they had for the game was the costumes.

Captain Qwark 92295d ago

scarlet turned out pretty sweet imo. i sucked with rain personally but i know people who can use him crazy good, so he was solid.

and kenshi? i can destroy peeps with him. him and ermac as a matter of fact are my team. kenshi feels liek his own character and has amazing moves, no idea how you dont like him