Battlefield 3 "Closed Quarters" DLC Mass Effect Easter Egg Found on Donya Fortress

From "In a nice tip of the cap to their EA brothers at Bioware, DICE has included a pretty cool Easter Egg on a new map from the “Close Quarters” DLC."

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Fylus2173d ago

What is it? I can't watch the video at this moment because I'm on a crappy 3G network:/ Tried, and video just buffers forever.

AgreeFairy2173d ago

Glad I didn't buy the DLC then. I don't want any Mass Effect garbage in Battlefield. It's bad enough they give you those stupid dogtags. No wonder people hate this Battlefield.

Merk2173d ago

"No wonder people hate this Battlefield."

Your right. People hate this Battlefield for a 3 inch toy model of the Normandy sitting on a random shelf in the new expansion pack. Your an idiot...

AgreeFairy2173d ago

"Your an idiot..."

It's "You're".


Fylus2173d ago

I usually agree with you, so I'm saddened to give you a disagree this time, but I like Mass Effect:(

Swiftcricket2173d ago

I'm not even a fan of Mass Effect and this doesn't bother me. Neglecting the game for having a few small Mass Effect dog tags and a small model of a ship that a lot of people probably will never notice unless it's pointed out to them is one of the silliest things I've ever heard. It's not like they make you play as the main character or anything now THAT would warrant that kind of reaction.

ginsunuva2173d ago

Lol "EA brothers"

EA Brothers: Ruining Franchises, Together.