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Akira Yuki makes his return to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown.
Find out everything about the return of SEGA fighting game.

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kasasensei2298d ago

This review fails hard... It's a fighting game. You expect what? a deep storyline? That's a good fighting game, with all VF characters, graphics are "limited" yes but that was expected, they wanted the game to load fast and not being too big for every fan out there.
What are the "best others offers" on the market?
On ps3 the game is on sale for just 25$/30€. That's a must buy for every fan.

Dexter902298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

30 € for PS3?

Street Fighter 4
Mortal Kombat

oh forget it, the cost less then 30 :X

btw... "graphics are "limited" yes but that was expected, they wanted the game to load fast and not being too big for every fan out there" this doesn't even make sense... If they decided to give limited graphics by option, they need to by reviwed by that exacly limited graphics.

IronFistChinMi2298d ago

Rubbish review from someone who obviously doesn't get the franchise. They even state they've only played Virtua Fighter/VF Kids/Fighters Megamix. Any fan can tell you the jump from VF to VF2 was immense and the latter two games were more casual.

VTKC2298d ago

trying to justify yourself as a fan of virtua fighter by saying they played virtua fighter kids?
About the graphics. When did VF5 come out exactly? WHat year was that? and you compare that to much more recent games like Mortal Kombat/ Dead or alive installments? You do know that VF5FS is an update to the VF5 right? And not actually a completely new game? The title gives it away-Virtua Fighter FIVE not SIX. Since when did Virtua Fighter was easy to play? its the hardest fighting game ever created. and "Button mashing" in VF?!! who the fuck was you playing against? In training mode was you? Fucking douche
This isnt a review. Its just some idiot who doesnt know what they talking about when it comes to VF.

Dexter902298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

me loves fanboys

if you think this is hard to play... good luck with street fighter


VTKC2297d ago

street fighter? Street fighter is easy compared to VF. You try playing against someone who actually plays VF and see how far you get.

VF is far more complex than you think. Just because it only consists of THREE buttons you judge it on that? Good luck to you if you plan on playing VF players.

nolifeking2297d ago

The button mashing line got me to. I was playing my bro last night and tried it. All I have to say is EXCELLENT!!