£50,000 DLC experiment ‘Curiosity’

Peter Molyneux’s upcoming game has DLC that costs £50,000. The former Microsoft and Lionhead man told New Scientist that it forms part of an experiment to explore the minds of social media users, he told New Scientist.

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Snookies122300d ago

Every time I turn around this guy does or says something even dumber...

MAJ0R2300d ago

In this case I'm not so sure that he's being dumb, but actually trying to prove a point that no matter how much or what kind of DLC is released, people will buy it.

NewMonday2299d ago

and he will get even more pissed off hackers targeting the game in retaliation

zeeshan2299d ago

This guy and Patcher! Arrghh, I can't, I just can't... :s

WolfLeBlack2300d ago

Who is willing to bet that when that final person breaks open the black cube to reveal its contents, it'll be a diamond chisel?

Peter Molyneux, screwing with your head because he damn well can! :D

TLG19912300d ago

whats that in xbox live points -_-

this guy is a tit, end of he thinks he is clever or some kind of visionary like steve jobs or something and he is far from it.

Lord_Sloth2299d ago

I find it funny that you cited Steve Jobs as a Visionary.

Bowzabub2300d ago

Sounds kinda gimmicky to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.