Have Microsoft and Sony Saved the Wii U?

Nintendo is known for doing their own thing - a trend that undeniably hurt the Wii. In the Wii U, it seems the company is once again putting all their eggs in one basket with their intense focus on the tablet controller.

Yet with the Wii U release drawing nearer by the month, it may be moves from both Microsoft and Sony that give the system it's biggest chance to survive.

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2261d ago
juaburg2261d ago

Wat n klomp kak. Die skrywer moet gemoer word

BlmThug2261d ago

Epic spelling fail perhaps

ChickeyCantor2260d ago

Hahaha, I speak dutch myself but that kind of dutch always makes me laugh.

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vandal GAB2261d ago

If MS & Sony showed the Next gen at this years E3 the Wii U would have been dead before it's even started!

cstyle2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I remember people saying similar things about the wii and look how that turned out. The wii-u will be fine. Just because the e-3 presentation wasn't great it doesn't mean that it has no potential. Nintendo have their loyal fans just like ms and sony. Its that same arrogance that led sony to be outdone by both this gen.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

but from a gamer's standpoint, things look to be just the opposite.

wii is the least fun to have as a gamer, while sony is the most fun to have, or atleast right now.

this console generation as i remember it.

first of all, casual gaming didn't look that bad, it sounded awesome to be able to have a game like wii sports and show your misunderstanding family how cool games were, plus, there was going to be a new metroid prime, and motion gaming sounded like it might even be better than awesome graphics, the idea of playing wii tennis, or metroid prime with you using your arm like samus was awesome.

and xbox was going to have awesome graphics, and halo 3 which sounded awesome because at this point in time, we all, or atleast i thought first person shooters were the coolest thing, because they were, because at this point they weren't over done.

and playstation was $600 but motorstorm was awesome to play at target, and that one killzone 2 trailer looked amazing, and playstation was $600

but the fun of motion controls was going away, and microsoft, had the best multiplayer game ever, halo 3, and all of those awesome third party games, call of duty 4 was the coolest game like ever, at this point ps3 isn't even in the picture.

and then 2009 happened, and ps3 had killzone 2, and it was way cooler then that cod that was now coming out, and the coolest e3 stage demo ever for uncharted 2 was shown and it was mind blowing, and littlebigplanet was a blast to play with friends, and ratchet and clank a crack in time was an awesome platformer, and resistance was fun, and playstation was $250, and maybe i could play on the games i missed out on like mgs4, and lbp, and resistance, and uncharted 1 which up till now were still not near enough to make most people buy a ps3

from here on out, first person shooters start becoming boring for the most part, probably because of cod, and cod isn't awesome anymore, and in my opinion, playstation has up till now, far outdone other consoles

duh, duh, duh, duuuhhhhh

but little did they know what the new breed of consoles would have instore for them...

duuuh, duuuuh, ddddduuuuuuuuuuh, duh, duh, ddddduuuuuuUUUH, DUH

Kos-Mos2261d ago

Yes yes yes. Beacause good graphics makes games sooo fantastic and all the blood and the shooting, god I love to shoot. Yes yes yes.

vandal GAB2261d ago

I'm a core gamer and to me graphics are important!

Ezio-Auditore002261d ago

take your meds and relax bro

kneon2261d ago

If the author is correct then Microsoft and Sony could benefit more than Nintendo. If multi-platform developers do in fact start adding support for these secondary screens because now all 3 platforms can support them, then that just gives people yet another reason not to bother buying a Wii U.

hellztourguide4202260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Youre right!!! Holy crap i could go out and spend $400 on an ipad and $200 on an xbox and it would be the same. Wow. You are my savior. Thank you for not letting me save money on a company that has been around for decades proving everyone wrong time after time. God i would have killed myself if i did that. Thanks again! (sarcasm)

kneon2260d ago

Ok, so you haven't bought a Vita and you're not one of the hundreds of millions that have already bought a tablet or phone that will work with Microsoft's Smart Glass.

And I expect Sony will enable similar capabilities with Playstation Mobile in which case it wouldn't matter with which platform you prefer.

eagle212261d ago

I basically stated this in another post but it applies here:

Of course any Mii too justifies Nintendo's business plan. But Nintendo will produce AAA mass selling software with it done right. Competition will scramble for decent content doing it wrong mostly. Any decent encouragements to third parties by MS/Sony will benefit Nintendo's library because they will easily port it to WiiU with it's bigger install base (improving the experience and again doing it right).

IGW_Fobia2261d ago

So wait...let me get this straight. You said;
"...will benefit Nintendo's library because they will easily port it to WiiU with it's bigger install base"

...I'm confused.

When did the Wii U have a bigger install base than the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, let alone the combination of those two?
Are you living in the future and know something that we all don't?
You know that a system, which has yet to be released, that compares almost exactly with two current systems, that have been out for 6+ years, is going to have the biggest market share?

Wow...I want what you are on, it must be good stuff. Bravo man, bravo.

hellztourguide4202260d ago

Nintendo as a whole has a larger install base. They sell the crap out of their software. They have like the top 15 games sold of all time. They are a monster.

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