Xbox 720 and PS4 Already Irrelevant?

GTMAM writes:

Technology in the gaming world moves fast, and the PS4 and Xbox 720 might not be able to keep up, even though they are nowhere near release. Sometime last year people began noticing that their current consoles were getting old and questions started being thrown at the big developers. Questions about when the next-gen systems were coming and what exactly they were capable of. Of course Sony and Microsoft didn't say a word, and the things we heard from Nintendo were exciting but about on par for what we expected.

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GribbleGrunger2231d ago

for the time being, i would say yes.

Dlacy13g2231d ago

For the time being... all we "know" is speculation and rumor. People probably thought the 360 and PS3 would become outdated a year or two after launch but instead 6+ years later both are producing quality titles that don't feel outdated.

You just can't judge the tech of a console with a PC mindset. What is irrelevant in the PC would easily can be relevant and cutting edge in a console depending on how its implemented or tweaked on the back end for the console.

Thatguy-3102231d ago

No one cares about ps gaming. Yea the market is there but consoles are more mainstream. It's obvious that the PC is more powerful and evolves at a fast pace but cmon only hardcore gamers play on them. Many people like me haven't touch the pc to play video games like many pc fanboys on here make it seem.

xTHRASHx2231d ago

i think you would find, as i did when i made the switch, that it is MUCH more rewarding to play on pc. shit i never touch a mouse and i still enjoy it xD

reynod2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

"No one cares about ps gaming."

Lol. You need to check out:


h311rais3r2231d ago

Yea the over 5 million active at 1 time steam users are completely irrelevant and no one cares about them. Also the pc gaming market makes billions each year. Ur just a console fanboy who knows absolutely nothing about the other product.

If ur going to say pc gaming is only for the hardcore (which is false) I am going to say "console gaming has spawned the over saturation of dumbed down games and has allowed developers to rape them with dlc and they just take it because the casual crowd just takes whatever they are given and don't fight for anything"(also not true, but hey he wants to be ignorant towards millions of people)

KilL7roCitY2231d ago

PC will always be the number one choice for real gamers.

upgrades.. no bs outdated hardware 1 year after launch...

pc ftw.

WeskerChildReborned2231d ago

Yea but PC gaming is still expensive to others while consoles are just simple machines.

T9002231d ago

In the long run its the consoles that are more expensive.

500usd PCs run circles around consoles, they have been doign so since the last couple of years. Diffrence is consoles stay at a price of 300usd, while performance stays stagnant. While PC of the same price just keeps getting better.

First 200usd difference isnt exactly bank breaking. Its the price most people pay for a new console, then end up paying more for every game bought, also pay to go online and have no assurity if all those games will work next gen. With PC all of that is different.

Here is a link to a 500usd PC that runs most games out today in 1080p, hell it will even run games in 1080p while doing 3d.

I think people saying PCs are expensive are living back in 2000, today things are much different.

WeskerChildReborned2231d ago

@T900 Yea i know their are some PCs that are pretty cheap but i don't think casuals are gonna wanna spend over $500 on a PC unless the next gen is the same price but i doubt it. From what i heard, Next gen consoles could be from $300-$400 and it will be updated hardware. Like i said, it's just that consoles are pretty simple compared to owning a PC which requires quite some money to keep to date like that one new video card that was i think around $900 not sure exactly. Consoles are just simple for casual and some core gamers.

T9002231d ago

Sure we have graphics cards that cost 1000usd, however those are not required to game. Most people would be happy with a 200usd gpu, and wont really need to upgrade for 2-3 years atleast.

Comparing a 1000usd GPU to a console is very unfair, its like comparing a Ferrari to a toyota Tercel. Hell the 200usd GPU would look like a BMW to the consoles tercel.

Loki862231d ago

Relevency is a loose term, it would be complete relevent to people who don't have 800-1000 dollars to put down a true gaming machine.

Honest_gamer2231d ago

well we can guess that the hardware in the ps4/next xbox will be atleast two years old by the time they come out as there is probably dev kits out in epic etc right now, sure this will be to just give them an idea on what to develop for, the hard ware will likly stay around the same, (this is asumming they started to develop it last year and it comes out next year), so as soon as its released its outdated unless its using nvidia geforce 680 gtx's and ivy bridges etc which come next year they too will be outdated with the newer version, theres no way for the ps4/next xbox to stay up to date unless they make them customizable (i'e i can add in more ram myself, change the proccessor etc, but this opens up more than it solves)

theWB272231d ago

This article was irrelevant before it was submitted.

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