What PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale looks like on Vita


New screens show handheld version of cross-platform brawler.

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jujubee882179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Edit: NVM, the Hot Shots Golfer is not on the status bar so he is not playable. It would be cool, though. ;)


This game will get a ridiculous amount of play time from me. Also, some of my aquintences (friends, relatives, etc) will be getting their VITA's over the holidays so I know this game will be the one I can play with them on, on a consistent basis. We played a lot of SSB and this game is going to satisfy that brawler need we wanted on a platform outside of Nintendo's for so long! IT WILL BE EPIC!!! :D


Also, I have the time and resources, so I am going to be sharing my deductive reasoning skills in gaming and sharing that among the small crowd of ignorant gamers hating on this game already.

If you are a miserable hipster d-bag who is hating this game already than watch out! Your hatred will only be reciprocated with logic and smiley faces.

"It's a game! Shut up and enjoy it! ;-D" <---- IT BEGINS!!!

miyamoto2179d ago

here is how i enjoyed this:
the images are 792 X 445 pixels

Sanquine902179d ago

Looks like fun! <3 love my vita<3 throw all my money to sony. C'mon sony also give me soul sacrafice

majiebeast2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

If they do a bundle pack for lets say both version for 80 or less im in. If its more ill go for the ps3 version. But Sony has said they are looking into it just not announcing yet maybe at gamescom.

Cant wait for Gravity rush(ALMOST THERE!) and Soul Sacrifice!

Wolfbiker2179d ago

They should make this a PSN title for 59.99 and enable you to play it on either a PS3 or a PSV.

GribbleGrunger2179d ago

i think you'll find that you'll get both versions for the price of one

ginsunuva2179d ago

I don't think so. But maybe if they sold both for $80, like for MLB12

neutralgamer192179d ago

jabberwocky good idea that would be awesome.