E3 2012: Going Hands-on With PSone Classics on Vita - IGN


The PlayStation Network is crowded with games to download and play, but for many old-school gamers, the PSone Classics library, hundreds of titles strong, is where the action’s at. But ever since the PlayStation Vita was launched, complaints about how Sony’s new handheld couldn’t play PSone Classics remained consistently loud. Thankfully, those complaints can soon subside, because a firmware update for Vita, launching soon, will rectify the situation.

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GribbleGrunger2233d ago

people have been crying out for this but what's the betting that when it finally arrives people will complain that they want exclusives, not old games

Snookies122233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Look, I don't ask for much... I just want exclusives, old games, Nintendo games, Xbox games, PC games, itunes, blu-ray discs, Steam, a 50,000 dollar PSN card, and the ability to emulate Crysis 3 on my Vita. That's all...

Maybe then people would stop complaining? I dunno, surely they'd find another reason to do so haha.

Anyway, back on topic, this'll be lovely to have those PS1 classics on the go again! I missed having that after trading my PSP away.

GribbleGrunger2233d ago

i personally never understood the demand for PS1 games, but i know some people are interested. and of course, if you already have them you can play them for free on your Vita!

what gets my goat is the fact that i've seen over a dozen games for Vita in the pending section and not ONE of them has been approved. this perpetuates the idea that the Vita has no games. it's up to this community to make sure these Vita games get the exposure they deserve and help stop the nonsense that spreads on here

Trenta272233d ago

Oh yay. Something to tide me over for a bit.

Ultr2233d ago

cant wait to play the one and only game on my Vita


neutralgamer192233d ago

Yeah gribble grunger ppl always complain about something or trolls spreading propaganda lol Like on the wii u post someone saying ps3 has no rpg games smh i could have swore they have Demon souls, Valkyrie chronicles, Dark Souls, white knight one and two and a good amount of others.

MagneticDeath2233d ago

Nice, cant wait to play some Castlevania SOTN on my Vita.

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