E3 2012 Gameplay Impressions: Black Ops 2 | VGW

VGW's Jason Evangelho: "I’ve had a declining relationship with Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2, and it’s worth noting I’ve been a fan of the franchise since the original launched on PC. Not because Treyarch and Infinity Ward haven’t delivered a polished, exceptional experience, but because that experience has been iterative and largely free of creative risks. Outside of slight gameplay variants and enhancements, the annualized shooter has become a source of fatigue, not excitement. So it’s with a large amount of surprise that I proclaim Black Ops 2 has, thus far, vastly exceeded my expectations."

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flyinrhyno2265d ago

I just hope they don't go too far, I remember [email protected] and the tanks being not really fitting, but I am eagerly anticipating this game.